2002-12-09 07:13:42 ET

Tomorrow I leave for a week. or so. I'm heading back down to windsor, with Rob. On friday there's another show at Zebra. for more info go to http://www.theelectricfront.com/zebraevents.html

it'll be a great night, anyone in the area should attend!

2002-12-02 08:30:23 ET

So we've got over 2 feet of snow now. it was warm out one day, the next day it's like a blizzard out there! and it just keeps snowing. it's really fluffy n all, so it looks bigger than it really is. but still, it's quite a shocker. It's also supposed to go down to -20 degrees tonight, and our fireplace isn't working. boo!

2002-12-01 10:59:56 ET

Yes i'm still alive. and still, nothing new for you.

2002-11-04 13:26:54 ET

It's been a bit, I was down in windsor for a couple days with friends over halloween doing a fetish show. Things were hectic, but everything turned out the be fun in the end. For pictures of thursday, go here. and as for friday i just went to the club, and danced and bothered friends. it's at least nice seeing all of those people again. i missed them.

only downfall of the whole weekend, still didn't get laid! wtf! hahaah.....

2002-10-28 11:41:00 ET

So I'm staying two days in windsor, thursday and friday. thursday i'm at changez, then friday i'm at zebra. should be a blast both nights. fetish show one night, leather fashion show the next!

This will be some much needed fun. I've been lacking lately.

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