2002-10-22 22:05:25 ET

go here to see what i'm doing for halloween

2002-10-21 13:10:43 ET

I'm getting rage issues. Which is just what I need, more issues. Along with getting frustrated easier. Fuck.

2002-10-19 09:04:48 ET

today is a pull my hair out i'm so bored day!!

why did i get up before noon... silly me...

2002-10-17 22:09:04 ET

had a good night with rob and ralph. met some new people. saw a new place. and i've even got poking plans underway. also, rob gave me some of the pics from his camera that were taken at the pull. so, those interested i'll be scanning them tomorrow...

2002-10-17 10:50:40 ET

Didn't do too much today, except a buttload of dishes (ow my butt?) and sat around on here. Finding radio stations is making me feel good though. Billy Jean is on! hahaha!

note to self, stab mother to death!

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