2002-10-16 12:26:14 ET

Tonight I'm off to do my usual wednesday routine, then possibly go see ralph later on. I'm sure he'll enjoy the stories I have to tell this time. God I hate drama.

update: I added a couple of pictures from a little while ago. maybe i'll find a couple more. i'm all dazed and tired from the gym. but only physically tired. I need a good hard massage.

2002-10-15 09:31:22 ET

Sunday was an awesome night...... went to the 80's night at the bar. Good number of my friends were there. Lots of kisses licks and gropes from them too! Well, mostly Lou, but he's crazy. Meaghan felt left out so she joined... no complaints. It was super busy there though, I mean I had to stand in line to get in! jebus. No strangers came and talked to me this time though.

2002-10-12 13:06:57 ET

Spent most of last night havign a fire, and playing video games. cuz that's the kind of dork my friends and I are. Listening to simon and garfunkel, trying to figure out what to do tonight...

2002-10-10 12:25:32 ET

so it's been ages. and, i have nothing to tell you. nobody here really talks to me much anymore. cept for a couple people. probably cuz my conversations are about as interesting as this post. i go now.

2002-09-26 12:28:31 ET

i'm still alive. just, nothing to report i guess. still jobless, but i'm doing a cleanse right now so i'm not eating. and it seems to be working, at least for cleaning out some of the crap that's in me. maybe for helping with the elasticity of my skin. we'll see. anyways i'm off to be bored again. xo

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