2002-08-07 12:07:54 ET

not much really going on in my life as of right now. just need to do alot of thinking, decide what about my life is worth it. and where i wanna head with it.

2002-07-29 15:05:47 ET

I added the other two pictures for those who care to look

2002-07-28 00:18:46 ET

well, i have some new pics, but i dont really feel like cutting them down in size right at the moment. but yeah, i might be going shopping again tomorrow. i'm such a value village whore!

2002-07-24 08:02:01 ET

It's wednesday, and i've accomplished nothing. sounds just about normal. I see food in my near future though.

I went to CTO the other night, since it's been over a month since i've gone and it was pretty dead! Inside there were like, 20 people. The patio had a bunch of people on it though. It's the heat that does it... Either way, got to see some friends i havent seen in a while.

I need to have another photoshoot with Lui some time soon.

2002-07-23 14:08:55 ET

off to ralph's whenever he's done cleaning his room. also, i think putting clothes on might help. outside clothes anyways, it's always so disgustingly bright out there!

I was hoping to go see my friend's band play tonight, but alas i'm too fucking poor for even that anymore.

I need a good snack.

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