2002-09-10 12:43:43 ET

It takes far too long to delete all my old entries. I'm just sitting around waiting for a friend to arrive so that i can go to the fair with him. I'm really hoping it rains tonight or something. There hasnt been a good thunderstorm here in forever...

i've been gettign rather disgruntled with my hair lately too. It needs a trim.

i've been in need of deciding where to go with myself, and i've come up short. there's not much out there for me. I get to be a blue collar slob. which isn't all that bad when you look at it.

Tomorrow will be a horrible day. I won't be leaving my house. Stupid Fucking 9-11 Bullshit. Patriot day. Jesus. What a world we live in. People wonder why I'm a hermit!!!

2002-08-15 10:26:18 ET

I'm gone for the weekend, maybe I'll be feeling better when I get back. Thanks to everyone for the condolensces. I just need to get some positive stuff back in my life, then all will be well. xoxo
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2002-08-13 08:33:07 ET

Well, it's all over. She's gone.

We need to have our own service for her, something that doesn't involve jesus. fucking bull services...


2002-08-12 18:44:52 ET

Hugging her Dad was the worst thing. I can't believe it still...

2002-08-10 13:46:44 ET

ok. so today is very fucked up. a good friend of mine was hit by a train... a fast one.

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