2002-05-03 17:13:08 ET

Whatch doing?

2002-05-02 22:31:34 ET

IM a happy drinker!
On wine...
everyone join in the fun
~passes the bottle around~

I basically said yes to everything...I felt it fit.
2002-05-02 07:51:57 ET

which 80s hair band are you?

this quiz was made by colleen

2002-05-02 07:48:22 ET

So, work called me in yesterday "Let the record show I
was extremely pissed!" While I was there I saw an old
co-worker from the pet store. When she first started there
she had just had a baby. He was in there with her too.
I couldn t believe how big he was.
Later that day...
The manager that had called me in called right before
the end of my shift...to ask if I would cover tomorrows (today s) shift. ..."Let the record show I was really extremely pissed!" I called the store manager because this would have been the second day..and Peter is off both days. He told me he would take care of it...YEA! So what am I doing you ask? He s sleeping...I gotta do something.
We are planning to go to the cheap-o movies today! Yea! I
haven t been to the movies in about 3 months, in fact I
don t even remember the last movie I saw, WAIT! I think it
was the Mothman Prophecies. So I m excited.
Well I m going to go wash up last night s dishes and cook
some foods,

2002-04-30 21:43:02 ET

I took a bath tonight...trying to calm and relax
myself before bed.
It sucked, I put in Downward Spiral, broke out
the orange blossom water and a smidge of olive oil.
Lit some candles and Nag Champa and as I m settling
in thats when I realized...The Damn Cat!!!!Her litter
box is right in the bathroom...she tried her darnedest
to counter act all the good smelling things and then
preceded to lay on my clean towel...the little bitch

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