2002-04-29 12:40:23 ET

So I really haven t written much~

I went to two shows on sat. First one was a cd release
party that Peter did the cover work for. Just a bunch
of metalheads. Then we went to see Diva Destrustion...
I really need to stay away from the goth scene.
It is really dragging me down. Ugh. I wish Ohgr
would come back and play. Some friends are talking
about going and seeing KMFDM...I should go.

I also had to go bail my brother out of jail on Fri.Grrr~
I went to his court hearing thingy today~
I don t get the money back for the bail until the whole
thing is over...that means within the next month or two.
If Im lucky.
If he pleads guilty straight out than he has to do community
service and some other crap...if he pleads not guilty and then
is found guilty than he can serve up to 3 years. If that happens
then he will probably end up in Terra Haute with our cousin(YEA!)
He is pleading not guilty, and he is innocent...as far as I know.
It all has to do with the girls who came into his store while he was
working. He knew them and when they started stealing stuff he
told them to leave. Considering that they never trained him on
what to do about people stealing, he just let them go, but he did
tell his manager and he took invetory of everything they took.
The simple fact that he reported it should show he was doing the
right thing. One of the girls was his best friend s girlfriend. He
probably was scared shitless to call the cops. I guess its
considered a felon because they stole cigerettes.
I guess this is what happens when you hang out with stupid girls.
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2002-04-24 18:53:20 ET

I love this photo

Of course a cute one.


I wanted to put up a buch of me being silly.
It is so hard to be serious.

My saltwater tank

Ha ha i did it
2002-04-24 18:36:50 ET

So we went out and took some photos down at the canal
last night. Peter already edited one of me. I told him I wanted to look/be dead...I guess having your brains blown out is the same...go check it out.

The new club that was opening this sat has been post-poned.
The show still goes on though! We also have to go to a CD
release party for the band that Peter did artwerk for.
Its all the same night so we ll be juggling a bit.
oOK I just found out there is anouther event at the
Emerson...that sucks...it really does...sucks the fans right
out from under us...

So then any way...I wrote out this entire kick ass deep
thought entry...then lost it. bleck~
So now I try to re-write it without sounding stupid.

I was looking for my notebook that I had the sketches of
a skirt I am working on. I thought they were next to
the computer, but all I found were some of Peter s old
notebooks. I couldn t remember what mine looked like so
I had to thumb thru them a bit. That when I smelled him.
The notebooks smelled like my baby. When you date someone
for awhile your scents kinda mingle. Well this was his.
It was a realy old notebook...maybe from highschool up until
99. There were some stories(I think) or maybe old memories.
Some of it was where he kept track of his finances, which
was really creepy. I kinda went thru them slowly trying
to pick up some vibes...but there were only faint ones.
Suprisingly I didn t pick up any bad vibes just
interestingly faint ones and that smell. It was all his.

2002-04-23 10:53:40 ET

Well the party turned out fun.
I had Rose and Nate come over for dinner last night.
I hope Peter and I can go to Bazbeux pizza for dinner
tonight. He is still sleeping and as soon as I m done
here I m gonna go lay down with him.

When I got up this morning I found my car had been
towed away...whine~ I guess you won t see me parked
where I m not supposed to! I had to get a loan from
my mom to pay it. Which means I m going to be short on
rent again. I can never get by one week without having
to be broke. It is getting really stressful. I was
going to take Morrey(my puppy) to get her shots this week.
Now that will probably have to wait. Grrr

2002-04-20 06:48:47 ET

Blah! I don t know why but I have just been going nutso
at the world. I feel like I m a young teenager in angst.
I just want to yell and scream and tell the world I hate

I have to go to work today. What a sucky day to work.
But when I come home, Kelli will be meeting me here! Yea!
We are supposed to meet up with Jason to go to this Metal
Heads birthday party...I m kinda scared. I have really
tried to stay away from metalheads. One of my Xs was a metal head...He seems like a nice guy. I talk to him and
his wife when they come into my work. So I m just
gonna go and check it out and if it is dumb then Kelly and
I are coming back here and and watching Zims and making

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