2002-04-30 18:58:15 ET

I updated my website..check it out.
It might go down,cause when it gets extra traffic
the server shuts it down..that sucks but its a
small site so Im ok...


2002-04-30 14:34:03 ET

How is it I always miss you?
I never catch you at the right time.
Each moment I m there is fleeting
and each moment your there I
miss it.
Why does this happen? Everyday

Not much to Say Really...
2002-04-30 11:58:25 ET

So I was thinking...and I thought about how Peter(my boi)
and I, are both on here and livejournal. We actually
share a lot on the web...I was thinking how it must seem
to others...like we re obsesed...maybe...or that one has
to be part of what the other is doing...it actually has to
do with the fact that we never see each other. He works
12 hour shifts...at night. That means when he comes home,
I m sleeping...then when he gets up...he is off to work
again...so~ this is one of the ways we keep in touch...Yea!
Um so like ya..thats all.

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2002-04-29 18:26:05 ET

Oh and I gave my self a haircut Friday.Yea!


2002-04-29 14:40:08 ET

I need choco late...
Go to Peter s site, he can do artwerk of you
or maybe you dog, cat, horses, etc.
Or how bout some cd cover art. WHEEE!

Here is a picture of me and kelly from the Took show.

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