2002-05-17 19:41:49 ET

I really don t have anything to say tonight...except...
I miss him.

So its been awhile...yes I ve been around.
2002-05-14 06:36:35 ET

So then lets see what I have been up to------------------>

Mon-Thurs: ?don t fucking rememeber?

Fri: Picked up my paycheck...worked, set up some interviews(Yea!)
Went home...Once there we decided to go to a coffee house.
We had heard they were open later(ooh until 10!) Met up with
Rose, Chad, Dave, Rose and Nate. After we had been there a
while they kept hinting around that they wanted to watch a
movie...well that means...Lest all go to Aynie s house...umm no.
I needed some major cleaning done. So I told them I didn t want
to watch a movie. So there!
Thats when they decided to go to Morgan Monroe Park...set build
a fire and talk...yea(note my extreme enthusiasim) I had to work
in the morning, but Rose promised me we wouldn t be there long.
Too bad she drives like an old woman! I t took forever, not to
mention she drove me fucking crazy! Anyways I went to sleep
around 1am and arounf 3am they all decided to leave. Thats when
Rose decided she was hungry and that we needed to stop for food...
That is all. I was pissed.

Sat: Von from the Lafeyette store called and asked me if I would close for
him...he is the only manager in the store so he has to work everyday
open to close. I told him I would, Yea! So after clocking out at my
own store I had to run home immediately, grab Peter, bring him back
down to Greenwood then run up to layfeyette and make it there by
7pm...I got lost in Greenwood...had to run Peter back home and then
go there...I actually made it on time. YEA! They had some awesome,
bad ass clothes there...not to mention twice the clearance stuff.
Yea! So I have to work the again on friday and I am so buying some
stuff. Woo Hoo! Peter, can I have some money?
Also Peter and I decided we did not have the money to go to Convergence.
We have had a ton of shit come up that fucked everything up. :(

Sun: Mother s Day! My sister is a bitch.
I love you moms.

Mon: Worked again, did some interviews and I picked up my waist cincher from Racheal! Yea! She wants me to wear it in a fashion show that she is doing
to promote her clothing designs. which I would not be able to do if I were
going to Canada. YEA! She said she could probably use Kelly too! YEA! KELLY!
I got this crazy ass motivation to clean...I bought some pine-sol when
I went for groceries...now I scrubbied my whole bathroom clean. YEA!
I bought a bunch of good foods too...some little steak thingys and I
am going to make this chicken gumbo type stuff on wednesday. HA
That is all....................................................................................................I think!

My kitty is a year old today!!!
2002-05-06 20:46:30 ET


Ok, this...is disgusting...
2002-05-06 12:10:05 ET

Yesterday as I was taking a bath I realized one of my
plugs popped outta my ear. Well I have been slowly
stretching them and I had gotten my left ear to a 8g
and my right ear is a 10g. So I had to get out and look
for it. Thats when I realized it had been out all night.
So I looked all over my room for it and alas it was gone.
I asked Peter if he had any extra money so I could run out
and get an extra one. He had none...so I sat on the bed
thinking about what the hell I was going to do. Peter
started giving me ideas. i.e. : straws, drink stirs, paint
brushes. I needed a fix fast. ~DING~ Thats when I was like:
"PAINTBRUSHES! I GOT THOSE" so I went and got out my old
paint brushes washed them and cut off the ends. I figured
since I have been lop sided for a while that I might as well
go all the way and do both ears(my right one had an extra
earing stuck in) So I did it! yea I had two stupid paint
brushes in my ears(how hardcore is that). I went and
sat down on my bed and there was the plug on the floor...
so instead of taking out the one that was already a 8g, I
put the plug in my right ear and left the paint brush in.
Well here is the gross part...when you stretch your ears
you always get some crusty puss...My left one bled a bit
when I switched to the paint brush(how sanitary...if your
a piercer and your reading this don t freak out on me...
I m broke) Well its sticking out on both sides by about
2 inches, which means its been getting knocked aroung a lot.
So then it is really nasty and as I was sitting here
preparing to tell you all about it I hit it with by hand and
I felt it...squirt. I hadn t cleaned it since I woke up, so
thats what I did..and now I m going to go and take a bath
to soak it.

2002-05-05 17:45:22 ET

So I took a walk.
I walked an old path.
One I haven t walked in awhile.
Went down to the circle and then walked to the
canal. I was really hoping that the violinest I had
seen last year would be there again.
All I could think about was old memories. Ones I
would rather not think of and a few that I do enjoy
remembering. I always think about my dad when I
walk by the Ameritech building. He used to work there.
That a good one. I also sat on the monument with my
back against a wall. I listened to all the sounds that the
wind brought around to my ears. It s quite interesting
listening to all the sounds around the circle all at once.
The sounds of machines: cars, lights buzzing, motorcycles
the buildings themselves.
The sounds of people: Walking, talking, yelling, hugging
The sounds of the fountains: water running, rushing and filling.
and then there is the wind...

Music: Type O Negative-Angel/Red water/
SummerGirl(banned version)
Stabbing Westward: Sometimes it Hurts

If you have not heard the song Angel

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