doo be doo
2002-06-20 10:17:15 ET

Just killin some time before werk...
I have to close tonight..all ready
opened the store today...I was
supposed to work in lafeyette but
the store manager at my store got
sick so I am covering his shift too.
One of the other managers came in to
cover my lunch and thats what I m doing now.
I have noticed I never really talk about
anything good...nothing deep, no poems,
no real problems...just what I did today.

2002-06-17 15:30:15 ET

Pictures of your "geek cave"
Peter Graves wants photos of your geek
Go here:

2002-06-16 22:35:12 ET

I m sitting here thinking about hair...
I dyed mine all black now. I wish I hadn t.
I have this bottle of green dye still sitting
in my closet. I told myself I m not allowed
to do anything with my hair until I dread all
the fuking hair that is in my bathroom closet.
Gah! I m lazy! DO SOMETHING!

2002-06-15 20:30:29 ET

Well, I really should update this thing...
I haven t been doing much but working.
Peter is at work so I have been milling around
the apartment trying not to think about him.
Today was my friend Kelly s birthday.
I guess its technically over now...

Peter has this grrl who has been posting
shit on his live journal. I don t like her.
The first post she ever posted to him she
completely insulted I think she
is just stalking him.
I m glad I never have that problem...she will
probably start shit with me now...ugh. I ll just
ignore her.
Love you Pete! I know your reading this before
you come to bed. :P-THBPT! Loser boi...
ok enough of that crap...
I made this neato background for Kelly for her

Go check it out...I m still working on it..I need to change
the colors though. I think I m going to start doing that
for fun...if you want one let me know I ll make one personalized
just for you...


I hate gun porn
2002-06-08 19:13:10 ET

Even when its anime gun porn

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