2002-07-15 23:01:48 ET

I really don t want to go to fort wayne...but i have no choice. I need to go to bed..gotta get up at 9am!
2 hour drive and all.

I am finished
2002-07-14 10:54:38 ET

I updated my page and bio a bit...

2002-07-14 10:06:00 ET

Peter and I have tommorow off together.
His sister gave us two free tix to go see
Men in Black. I can t wait to go!
I want to just cuddle up next to him
and then spill my really buttery popcorn
all over his lap...! Ha Ha!
I have to go work in Fort Wayne on tues and wed.
The job is paying for dinner and a hotel but
I won t be able to take Peter. If I had the
money to get the room for one more night then it
would be okay. He has to work wed night, so he
has to have somewhere to sleep during the day.
I m sad. :( Maybe if we both had a cars...
I also have to go to a managers meeting tonight.
They are having it at this place called...Pizza King.
They do it that way so they don t have to pay us.
That sux, cause I don t even have the money to eat
there. So I don t get to see my food come in on a
little train. :( darn.

Im feeling better
2002-07-08 07:36:46 ET

Cold is almost gone.
I hate my job. It is such a waste. I can t
stand this other manager that works there.
She doesn t treat me with respect. I can t stand her.

2002-07-02 20:17:06 ET

I have a cold.
It really sucks.
My sinus are all
drainy. My throat
is all yucky, I
hate being sick.
~Flops down on bed~

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