2002-07-28 10:22:45 ET

I am looking for wierd FOOD recipes.(no recipes for napalm)
I am actually on my way to the kitchen now to make spaghetti
and meatballs. I am going to use potatoe flakes in them.
Hopefully it will turn out ok!
I ll let ya know.

2002-07-27 18:44:14 ET

I made more brownies today. they are good.
I have this super huge post just waiting
for you guys. I have to go now. Kelly
is supposed to call. YEA!! KELLY!!!

2002-07-24 20:37:39 ET

I made brownies...MMMMmmmmmmm....

2002-07-23 21:33:33 ET

I got this in my e-mail.
Is this a joke?

Date: 24 Jul 2002 03:26:42 -0000

To: lilmizscareall@yahoo.com

Subject: Someone *still* likes you!

From: Matchmaker@someonelikesyou.com

Believe it! You have a secret admirer!

Here's a CLUE: Your secret admirer is between 28 and 32 years old

Just click to ww.SomTHISeoneLiSUCKSkesYou.com to find out who!

Email address: lilmizscareall@yahoo.com
Secret code: 693uhu

See you soon!

Best wishes,

The SomeoneLikesYou Matchmaker

No Spam Policy:

Unlike some other sites, SomeoneLikesYou will never send you spam or junk email. You have received this notice at the request of someone you know who has told us they like you! If you would like to keep anyone from sending you such a notice, please go to ww.SomeoTHISneLikSUCKSesYou.com/unsubscribe.

This is the second one today, because I didn t respond
they sent another. So I went to the site. I
named the person I have a crush on(Peter Graves)
Ketch is...you have to name 5 different people.
So I tried naming him 5 times...that didn t work.

I just blocked it. :) heheh that ll show em!
Ya right.

2002-07-17 19:06:46 ET

I m back from Fort Wayne!!!!
It was crazy, fun, weird and quite interesting. Met some new folks.
There was another manager there and she was from Milwalkee. Her name
was Jen and she was super cool. The store there was completely trashed
and disorganized. I spent the entire morning trying to fix the mess.
The hotel I stayed in was super nice too. I had a free breakfast. YEA!!
It wass gooood~ Mmmmm~ freeness~
So now I m home. I missed Pete tons. We got in a stupid little argument right when I was leaving. Now I can t wait to see him in the morning. Rowr~(sad)
My brother Frank, and Petes sister, Grace came over...I got pictures of Frank but none of Grace...:(
So Here they are!!!

Also check this out:


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