Photos from the Art Museum
2002-08-05 05:42:57 ET

My favorite glass piece. I love art glass. Mmmmm

Another shot. The artist is telling us about a drowning incedent involving his son. I really love all the little bits and objects in the glass. I LOVE the way this one turned out.

This was on the wall. Done with a projector. Ya
know the old ones your teacher used in elementry school. The figures are not on on the clear film. I think
they re on the wall. I didn t want to go look.


2002-08-05 05:19:57 ET

Another weekend went by.
I really hate grocery shopping. I have to get it done today.
I will have to buy a lot and then trudge up 3 flights of
stairs by myself. I hate doing shit like that alone.
We are supposed to do it together and the laundry too.
Peter was off so we basically sat around the house. Like always.
He got some movies the other night, but I had to go to bed and now
Chad has them. CHAD BRING THEM OVER! I wanna see em too!
I really hate working when he is off. I am so tired when I get home
I just want to lay down and watch tv.
Grace was supposed to call and we were going to get these chairs
from her. I cleaned up my living room the day before yesterday
and put away the camping chairs that were there.
OH! I also bought this cute little lantern from target. It a
little chinese paper inspired light. Really cute. Peter wants more
or them and then we are gonna stick colored lights inside them.hehehe hehe
Oh and yesterday at work I asked the two managers if they would mind
if I left early. One of them said ok and the other practically threw
a hissy fit. There was plenty of coverage for the store and I really
don t mind losing 30 mins of money. Not to forget I ended up leaving
only 15 mins early. I get so sick and tired of her shit. She thinks
she is so great but shes not. She likes to give all the work that
she is supposed to be doing to others, never puts stuff away, is SO mean
the the employees, takes too many smoke breaks, abuses her position more
than any other person I have ever met! I really think the only reason she
wouldn t let me leave is cause she dislikes me. Why is it when everyone
else wants to leave early I am told they are leaving. When I want to leave
I have to ask, and then get told things like...well we need you for coverage.
Im sorry 5 people is plenty for covering the store, especially when three
are just standing around.
What a bitch.
I m done.

I am god as far as many people are concerned. I am someone who always has something to say but goes about it the right way so that they actually are listened to. I will more than likely have many projects on the go at once, but I can handle it. I'm someone who handles stress very well and knows exactly what they are doing at all times. I am a very influential person to those around me, they all pick up my phrases and mannerisms but I don't mind, I know that what I do is original. I am a great leader, too!
Which 80s band are you?
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Here are a few more pics
2002-08-04 11:46:32 ET

so maybe sykospark can get a better view


2002-08-03 06:24:49 ET

I have now...two pictures for you to see

Yea. now have some fun.


2002-07-31 08:16:23 ET

Its $7.00 to get in.
Right now I am working on a very...colorful?...interesting...
I...don t..know..what..the..hell..I creation.

Wednesday July 31th

OOZE @ Tailgators


21+ show starts at 9:00
for more info:

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