therapy    2006-04-11 02:35:12 ET
i hate psychiatrists.
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 so far im holding on....    2006-04-10 00:33:04 ET
the smoke is coming out of my body
but its not coming back
im getting myself sick
so i can get all healthy again.

 liers.    2006-04-09 03:20:11 ET
just dont
just dont tell me youve been there
cuz you have not.

 lift me up...    2006-04-08 03:19:51 ET
i wanna be high
i wanna touch the sky
i wanna just cry
right now i dont wanna die.
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 plastic.    2006-04-08 00:40:20 ET
i cant feel
im not real
im so ill
i cant heal...


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