hi    2006-10-03 20:59:16 ET
what did i do wrong? im so sad.....
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 perseverance    2006-09-10 23:28:01 ET
A dear freind tried killing themselves last week. I have been talking to her every day and seeing her when I can. My freind Izzy has been busy here trying to pass her ASVAB test so she can join the Army. I have been hard at work trying to help them with their struggles.

That big 'tard they hired back in June at work quit. Its about time, I knew he wouldn't last long. He wasn't that good at his job anyways.

Im doing pretty well. I wish I had a fuzzy pair of slippers.

 yay    2006-08-18 20:21:32 ET
I dont work 6 days a week anymore. I am happy for that. Maybe now i can actually enjoy some free time, away from work. I met a new girl whom I like alot. Overall Ive been pretty well.

 hooray!!    2006-07-27 23:29:08 ET
I turn 26 in 2 days. My birthday is in the 30th.

My day wasnt too bad today, work was easy. One of the other guys i work with showed up today, real drunk and he told off the boss. Needless to say, he got fired, So I may have to work tomorrow.

Well, I hope every1 on here is doing well. Take care and bye for now.

 hello all    2006-07-09 21:14:11 ET
i just thought id add a comment on here and ask everyone i knowhow they are all doing?

i hope everyone is doing well. and i will talk to you all later.

take care

bye for now.

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