hmm    2006-06-20 23:26:45 ET
im real bored. i wonder who replies to this....

 yay!!    2006-06-11 23:17:41 ET
My best freind Robin's Birthday was yesterday. She is 26 now. I called her up and wished her a happy birthday. We talked awhile more after that. It was good talking to her. It made my day.


 AWWWWWW    2006-06-07 21:39:14 ET
Poop. The world didnt end after all on 6/6/6...what are all those fundamentalists going to do now? LOL :D

 Friday and Saturday    2006-06-04 11:30:32 ET
The past two days at work for me had to have been the worst ones ever at my job.

On Friday my co-worker walked out at around 5:30, for no aparent reason. Friday was the busiest day we had in 2 months. We were totally ill-prepared. Stress was high, and there was much wailing and knashing of teeth.

Saturday was Uber slow, But that didnt matter, ANOTHER co-worker of mine didnt show up. and I was scheduled to make Pizza that day. I came in at 5:30pm, and to my surprise, they had a new guy.

I made Pizza, and trained the new guy in the fine art of dishwashing. Needless to say, I think this guy is kinda dumb, he didnt even know how to mop a floor right, even after being shown how 3 times. I had to walk him through the entire job all night, in addition to doing my job.

I dont see him lasting very long.

I am so glad i have today and tomorrow off.

 late nights    2006-05-27 21:28:50 ET
Well..its not THAT late, its 2:19AM, and its in the 40s outside, and its raining. It has been raining since friday. I like it, the creeks and rivers are full of watwer and they are moving fast. Sometimes i go out to Caras park at night and watch the water. Call me strange, but i like to sit there sometimes and watch the water. The sight and sound and smell of it helps me think. It being in the middle of the night helps alot too, i can see the moon, it helps me think as well. Sometimes i wish i could toss my troubles into the water and watch them be carried away with the water.

I seem to feel more awake and active come nightfall. Nighttime helps me think, gets my thoughts flowing.

I love it.
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