2002-05-20 21:49:24 ET
mac and cheese kills my buzz...need more booze...to drunk to make manhattans...the irony....

     2002-05-20 20:36:15 ET
good god am i bored....drinking again...neat maybe i'll get to be an alcoholic after all

ICQ me 41007534

     2002-05-20 03:26:23 ET
oh yeah...and what would make a better tattoo...the jolly roger on the upper arm or a donkey on my right ass cheek...

 i need your neck...    2002-05-20 03:10:42 ET
i need a good clear shot of some ones neck and head, hopefully the back of it to work on a piece with, so i thought i would hit all of you up before i whip out my camera and take picture's of the same old people i always work with...it needs to be in focus and clear and at least a 640 by 480 sized shot...thanx...

made it through another week end of hell at work and walked out of it with two article idea's and a short story to work on, and ofcourse a picture or two in my mind to make happen...

the only good thing about working third shift in an art musuem is the quiet...the moments of silence in which i get to be with myself...i get hours of that a night...its helpful...i think everyone should but unfortunately most would rather not spend that amount of time with themselves...

     2002-05-19 04:34:22 ET

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