smoke pot get paid....    2002-05-09 04:21:43 ET
its an actual ad in the alternative newspaper here in indy, its been running for i finaly found out whats behind it...this guy will sell you a book of place's that do marijuana studys with contact information, and then you can whore your pot smoking out to them to study...

how ingenius....not really but...

i wonder if i'd get sued if i bought his book and paraphrased it and re-wrote the lay out of the information...

imagine that law suit....*L*

so who alls going to convergence 8 this year....we should meet up

     2002-05-07 09:06:48 ET
well training got called off cuz the supervisor got i spent the whole morning researching my next hair brained idea...a motorcycle...just researching still but i'm pretty sure i'm going to buy one this year...can't decide on which style, sport bike, or cruiser...any idea's????

 today    2002-05-07 05:12:23 ET
i have to go to mandatory handcuff, baton, OC spray re-training for this in i had to go to sleep early last night so that i can wake up at 9am and get ready to go take a lot of boring common knowledge tests...great...yippee...

 i just made this....    2002-05-06 05:21:50 ET

but i'm not sure if its good or not...

does this suck or not?

 another    2002-05-06 03:12:28 ET
another long weekend over with (3 12 shifts in 3 days), now to sit back and try to avoid thinking about anything...

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