success    2002-05-16 22:34:51 ET
how long did that take....i'm drunk, finally, you know what they say about drinking alone...*Laughs at himself*
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     2002-05-16 21:03:45 ET
do men get sympathetic PMS after living with a grrl long enough....

i think

 i don't    2002-05-15 03:03:08 ET
i don't know where i belong anymore....i don't want to belong where i am, and i don't know where else to go or what else to do...i get this way the beginning of every summer....i get the urge to strap on a pair of boots, throw on a leather jacket, pack what can fit into a packback and disappear....every summer since the summer of 96 the first time i did just that...i want to do it again...only now i want to trade my car for a motorcycle and have a reason for always wearing that leather jacket...

ho hum, the life of a punk with an apartment....
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 convergence 8    2002-05-13 12:13:13 ET
so it looks like me and aynie aren't going to be able to make it out to convergence 8 after all, reason not enough cash, which is exactly why lots of people aren't going...oh well so goes life...
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     2002-05-10 11:23:37 ET

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