Marleigh2009-11-16 20:24:57 ET

just wanted to update everyone. On 11/11 Marleigh Mae Stone was born by c-section weighing 10lbs and 8oz and measuring 21 1/2inches long.
My cervix wouldnt desend I was induced due to high blood pressure, I was in labor via pit drip for 12 hours with no pain relief which is what I wanted.
I was completely heartbroken to learn that I was going to have to have a c-section, I still cry about it because I was trying so hard for a natural, drug-free birth. It was a good thing though. When they pulled her out we discovered the umbelical cord was wrapped around her neck 3 times and she had a huge birth weight. All is well here, just tried. I love being a mother and I love breastfeeding.
heres a picture....


just droppin a line....2009-10-26 23:47:14 ET

I haven't had the internet for what seems like forever so I haven't been able to update.
Jason and I are living back at his moms, we haven't been here for a month yet. The trailer situation didn't work out due to a money hungry, harassing bitch. The economy and job situation sucks down here at the moment, and 4 weeks ago Jason stumbled across an awesome job that pays awesome. Hes an ambulance driver and loves it. Today is his 1st day off since he started the job. So things are getting to where they need to be again.
I'm due in 2 weeks. I'm ready for her to come out. I'm so huge, and that is not me just saying that like every other pregnant woman. I really am huge, I look like I'm carrying a toddler. lol. I have a doctors appointment today and I hope she tells me something is going on down there and we can expect her in the next few days. My belly itches to the point that I cant sleep now. It itches like I have poison. It sucks. I'm just ready to hold baby Marleigh.
Everything is going good, I'm ready to be a mom.

ITS A GIRL!!2009-07-11 08:30:47 ET

Thursday was my anatomy ultrasound appointment. Before the ultrasound was started the Tech. asked me what I thought it was.. and I said alittle girl because of the dreams I've been having. Well I was right, we have a modest little girl. She was reluctant to show us her pootie. But with alittle poking and aggravating she moved just enough for us to see what she was. They told us everything looked great. She looks like she just might end up having my lips and nose. She is already weighing in at 1 lb and 1oz. And from head to rump shes atleast 7inches.
We are excited...Jason's face lit up when she said " Well Mom, it looks like you were right!". Now you all know to be expecting to meet Marleigh Mae Stone in November. You can go check out all the ultrasound pictures in THE BABY album.

Some updating...2009-04-30 17:19:51 ET

I'm about 12 weeks and 4days pregnant. My morning sickness is completely gone. this is my baby

Watching the ultrasounds has been an amazing experience for Jason and I. Every time is breath taking. I can't wait until my little one is here for me to hold. So far the due date has changed from Nov.15th to Nov.9th. I feel the baby will be here in October.

School is going alright, really boring and the semester is almost over. I will be attending in the summer since I will be taking the fall and following spring semesters off due to the baby.

Everything is going pretty well. We are enjoying life and pregnancy.

a bun in the oven....2009-03-06 13:52:39 ET

2 home tests and 1 health department have showed me to be pregnant.
they predict I'm 5 weeks and due Nov. 4th.

I'm going to call an ob/gyn Monday and set up an appointment so we can find out how the baby is doing and exactly how far along I am.

I have a little living being growing inside of me, I'm going to be a moma. Wow.

It hasent completely sunken in yet. Maybe hearing the little heartbeat or seeing the little one on the ultra sound screen will finally allow it to sink in.

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