update i think..2006-07-12 12:46:27 ET

things with Jason are going great.
his birthday is tomorrow.
he will be one year closer to being an old man.
he will be 29.
i hate my job.. whats new?.

other than a few minimal set backs, life is going good.
i'm happy. truely happy.
mostly due to someone who showers me in affection and spoils me with attention. a man that would do anything for me and makes me feel comfortable in my own skin.
i melt for this person.

he plays a show this weekend. So i believe we are taking my mom with us since she never gets out to do anything. shes looking forward to it as well.

i'm starting to pick up alittle bit of an accent......
...go ahead....
i know you want to.
I also noticed that with that accent you drop the g's at the end of words like looking is lookin..and getting is gettin.. and cooking is cookin... etc.. you get the point.
my boyfriend says thins like yonder, fixin, and ya'll...but laughs at me for saying creek as crick and you guys.
its a humorous, fun relationship we have.

mmm mom is making these things called poor mans crab cakes...they smell soooo good. i cant wait to eat them.

well since i am rambling i'm going to go.

i just wanted to give an update since i have time to. usually i just get on here and check everything real fast and never have time to write.

"if i had a penis you'd be in trouble"2006-07-12 10:08:06 ET

I'm really pissed today for reasons i'd rather not discuss.
basically it boils down to this... if a certain male that was in my life lived closer than an hour away, i'd fuckin slit his throat for this shit.

on another note,
jason left at 5am to go home and get some shit done.
he will be back later on tonight to take me to work.
i miss him. :(
i work 11pm-7am tonight.
the boys b-day is tomorrow.
he'll be 29, an old man. lol. or thats atleast what i pick on him about. I have his nieces doing it too.
i actually havent seen the girls in a couple of days. i miss them.

i'm just in a shitty mood, and i have to not take it out on jason.. i really dont want him to worry about me and my actions. and i got to work at 11pm...blah. this day is shit.

happiness2006-07-11 14:43:45 ET

this man makes me soo happy. more than i've ever been.

me and jason

jason and his nephew richard which is the same age as me

his birthday is thursday.. he'll be 29. i think i'll bake him a cake. and we might just rent a movie and cuddle in my room. thats all he will want anyway.

My soul is smiling right now.

2006-07-03 05:43:10 ET

So yesterday after work i went to the beach.
It was me, Kristin, Richard, Josh, Lee and Brandy....Jason couldnt go cause he was playing a show.
We all had a blast we spent 2 hours on the beach, drinking, in the ocean, bull shitting and just having fun.
I got tan not burnt this time.
my freckles are really coming out now.
I hate them.
Jason loves them.
I cant win.
So when I got home after picking my mom up from work last night i was pooped. I went to bed at 11:30/12am. I just work up at quarter til 10am. Jason wanted me to call him when I woke up, but its like 10am..and he played a show last night in pawleys.. and probably didnt get in until 3 or maybe 4am, so i dont wanna wake him.
hahaha! ok, i think this is funny, but my mom is freaking out. My cousin called this morning and said my aunt back hom got picked up for drunken in public and used my moms name.

I missed Jason yesterday. So i definetly have to see him today. haha which that is the plan anyway.
We might work on some songs today for alittle bit. He's amazed at me playing bass. the fact that i can play full songs with him.. he can switch to solos and shit and i keep doing what i'm doing and arent distacted.

anyway, i'm going to go and grab something to eat, take a shower, paint my nails and call Jason.

son of a beach!!!2006-07-02 07:04:55 ET

I've been going to the beach alot lately. going today after work.
jason stayed the night last night and brought me to work this morning.
he has a show tonight, so i wont get to see him :(
i think this is the 1st day that we wont spend a few hours together.
i'm at work right now.. speeding this along before my boss gets back from getting lunch.
tomorrow i start night audit. yay for me!
hope you cool cats have been having one hell of a weekend.

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