boredom2006-07-01 08:13:12 ET

yesterday my friend came down from Pittsburgh to visit.
When I got home from work, her and Scott wanted to go to the beach, sooo... me, her, scott, my brother, and Jason went to the beach. It was fun.
I'm starting to get tan.
Sarah and Scott went to camp on the beach, so Jason and I hung out the rest of the night. He ended up making me come home to sleep, basically for the fact that in 2 days i got a total of 6 hours of sleep and i was fighting sleep at his house. I would start to fall asleep and he'd say " baby, come on..lets get you home so you can sleep. you need sleep." I would come off saying something like " sleep? haha fuck sleep. who REALLY needs it anyway?" ...he said " obviously you who is about to pass out from exhaustion" finally i was so tired that i couldnt debate on it anymore.. so i gave in.
i need to call him and wake him up. it is 1pm and he has shit he needs to get done today.
Jason has a really big southrn accent...and i dont notice it much anymore like i use to. which means that i'm starting to pick it up. in fact i know i already have because i have caught myself saying ..
fer (for)
laight (light)
...and probably more than that.
its strange.
i kept saying to people before i moved here" no i'm not going to come back with a southern accent"
well i believe i was wrong.. cause i know when i go back to visit..i will have one..that people will notice. Sarah already noticed it.
I'm off i dont know what we are getting into. I'm suppose to call Sarah so we can all meet up for lunch or something.
I work tomorrow from 7am-11. then monday i start night audit...11pm-7am. that excites me. I cant wait to get started on night audit.
Oh i'm just rambling on here.
I need to get a shower.
get some food in my belly.
and call the boy.

waiting2006-06-29 14:06:35 ET

so right now I'm sitting here waiting for Jason to come.
this is him..

anyway...his niece demands that he brings me with him when he picks the girls up from sunday school. haha shes such a doll.

i'm bored.

yea.. that stuff..2006-06-29 06:51:08 ET

I'm at work right now.
morning shift
which isnt that bad.
My friend, Sarah, from pittsburgh is coming the the area tomorrow.
I'm excited.
Last time i seen her was in decemeber when i was still living in md.
it just sucks cause i'm working most of the weekend and wont get to spend much time with her.
If she wants to go to the beach sunday.. then i think kristin, me, my friend and the guys might go.
Kristin and i went to the beach yesterday, i was wearing 50spf and my pale white ass still got sun burnt.
being a redhead isnt an easy job. lol.
I'm alittle tired.
I didnt get in until 2 am.
I was with Jason.
I dont think one day has gone by since we have been dating that we havent been together at some point in the day.
Work is slow right now, but we do have shit we need to do.
I should probably mop the breakfast room soon.
my sister will be down this way also in a day or 2.

anyway.... how are you cool cats doing?

bugs and children..they go hand and hand.2006-06-27 09:38:48 ET

so somewhere in the process from Jason and I leaving his house and going to Krisin and Richard.. a couple of mosiquitos(sp) attacked me.
regular mosiquitos back home left little itchy bumps ...these down here swoop in....stick big straw in your skin and drink away. they feast on your body as if it is an all you can eat buffet. and then they leave huge itchy knots on me. i think i'm allergic to them.

Richard has been picking on me.. and calling me Aunt NiCole, he is Jasons nephew who is my age... he also got Jasons nieces started on it. and it will never end.. cause last week they were doing the elementry school " jason and nicole sitting in a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g...."...and that only ended yesterday due to what richard got them started on.

its all good though.

i told him one day we are going to have to do something with them. Cause last night the littlest one.. Emiley was upset cause we were leaving and couldnt take her with us.
He said we will only take two at a time. Cause I had said all 4 of them.. but he dont think he can handle them.. lol.

i work at 4pm. joyous.
tonight i work till midnight, but i'm working with kristin so it should be all good.

baby momma drama2006-06-27 09:12:31 ET

What the fuck is this turning into.... MYSPACE????
i already have one of those.
and then i had this cause it was more personal, yet laid-back and fun.

this is the 1st time i've seen drama on the
land of SubK.

anyone else seeing this shit??

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