yea yea yea2006-06-26 12:17:25 ET

so yes, i've been chillin with the cool cats in Andrews alot lately.
last night Jason took me, Richard and Kristin out to eat at a chinese restraunt.. that had crablegs. yum.
we ate loads of crablegs they were good.
Jason and I are officially dating now. lol.
He made me allow him to buy a shirt for me last night.
Last night, well 2am I had a tampon conversation with his niece, whose 11. she didnt realize that you cant flush plastic applicators. so i explained that to her. lol.
I work alot this week.
I dont know if I'm off for the fouth yet. i hope so.
i'm waiting on jason to get back and call me, so we can hang out.
hes making me learn some songs on bass today. hahaha... yea.. i dont mind though.
i like this boy alot to be honest.
i have this personal list of my ideal guy.. and damn, he fits into alot of it.
what is wierd is he is the same age as my mothers boyfriend back home. Jason will be 29 next month.. and my moms b/f is 29 now. crazy shit. lol.
I need to get bass down and shit learned by september.
pressure...hopefully i dont turn into too much of a bitch with this.
we already talked about it.. what happens with the music situation stays at those times.. when its relationship time or alone time.. we dont bring any learning bass or band discussions into anything.
last night we watched John Carpenters Cigarette was..... interesting. i liked it.
today we are going to go work on a few songs.. and then probably stop by Kristin and Richards for a bit and then go probabaly watch a movie.
my brother and i took "emo" pictures today. hahaha.. i will post them later.

so how was everyones weekend?

relearning sucks2006-06-23 11:01:27 ET

so I hung out with Jason last night... and he was trying to reteach me bass.....
oh my.
its a good way for someone to find out how much of a bitch i am. lol.
he is soo patient with me.. no matter how frustrated and pissed i get.
he said i just need confidence in myself, and he has faith in me and i should have it in myself.
i kinda learned a song.. lol.
i just got too frustreated too quick.. plus it was like he just played guitar and sang to me.. and i got to put the bass down for the night.
he is so nice.. and fun.. and well.. yea.. . damn musican thing. lol.
i've always said if i could find a guy that could play music, sing and loves affection and to cuddle.. that would be the one.
well he's pretty fucking close.. he can cook too.
he made spar ribs, battered and deep fryed zuccihni and squash, home made french fries and marinated cucumbers. it was fuckin awesome!
this is frustrating to me.. cause i got myself into a bit of a situation now.. go figure, eh?
So I dont know what to do about this thing i created with Justin.. cause I'd still want to be friends with him.. but I dont want to do this friends with benefits thing with him anymore. With justin.. the sex is good, there just really isnt anything else. i'm not even really comfortable being my true self around him.i kinda sensor myself. which is stupid. so I need to put a stop to the sex and what not.. but i'm pretty sure he is going to want to end the friendship also.
I'm suppose to hang out with him this weekend.. but aunt flo came into town...and well i'm just not comfortable taking her to his house.

this sucks.
i need to fix this situation ASAP.

the last day2006-06-22 09:34:29 ET

Today is my last day at Blockbuster video.
I figured that only working 8 hours a week there is not worth my time nor money for a taxi.
Also.. a funny note, i'm an employee with a late charge of $42.95 on my account. lol.
oh my.
Tomorrow I get my check from the Jameson Inn. I'm excited. I want that money now. lol.

My back hurts like a bitch today, but there is no one to cover for me at Blockbuster, so i have to go in. which sucks.
If its still hurting really bad, i'm saying fuck that shit and calling someone or a taxi to come get me.
Cause I know all the shit i did yesterday didnt help my back much at all.. if it wasent for the pain killer i had yesterday, i would've never made it til close.
So lets see how tonight goes without a pill to help me out.

I talked to Jason yesterday, told him I'd do the band thing.
one because he wouldnt let off of it.
2 cause my dad told me, if i think i'm going to look back at life and wonder "what if" if i dont do it.. then I should do it because of the promise i made to myself.
And honestly, i really cant come up with a good excuse not to do it.

I'm going to Justins for the weekend. So He's picking me up tomorrow, but i have to wait for stuff, then we are heading to his place. and then i'll be coming home sunday.
then Jason asked me to go see a movie with him sometime next week so I believe i'm going to do that.

i gots bitches in different zipcodes.

is that wrong?
guys do it, and its fine.
Jason knows about Justin, but Justin doesnt know about Jason because Jason has come about since the last time I hung out with Justin... and the only reason i knew about Justins other chicks is because i asked him.. so i feel that if he wants to know, he'll ask.
see Justin and I are not dating.. we are just ...friends with benefits.. cause he makes it more than clear that he is not looking for a g/f.. which is funny.. long story with him that I may explain some other time.

anyway..i'm just rambling now.

i think i might make me some porogies...yum yum.

blah blah2006-06-18 19:06:56 ET

a little explaining:
I just got back from Andrews, SC alittle bit ago, i had to work at blockbuster this evening. I was at my friends house for a couple of days.

Wierd facts and news, i suppose:
So Kristen's, husbands uncle, Jason, says to me "I want you to be in my band"
we talk about it..then he says" Oh yea, we go on tour in 3 months"
Catch is this:
I havent picked up a bass in a year.
I would have to re-learn EVERYTHING.
I dont have a bass anymore, i sold it cause i needed money.
I get stage fright.. and by that i mean even playing in front of 5 people i get wierd.

He has already offered to teach me everything again, has a bass for me to play .....
I will pick everything up again fast though, so its no worry.

It all sounds great, yea.
But I just started a new job.
I'm gaurenteed the amount of cash i need for bills each month with touring, thats what he said. So things would be covered here at the house.
Thing is...
what happens after touring?
I mean, I really dont think my job is going to hold the postion open for me when I come back from the "tour".
I mean, this would be a dream come true for me.
And though I didnt agree to anything yet, he ask me when I want to start practicing.
I would love to do this...and something is telling me too. But, just that "what happens after the tour?"..bothers me a bit. I'm sure it wont be too hard for me to find another job when I'd get back, but still.

on other news...
I think I'm going to just quit at blockbuster, cause its just going to be too much bullshit for little amount of hours and money.. and I'm already covered with bills and then some at my new job.
So I'm deciding that.

Random thought:
Why cant I take these guys i'm talking to and combind them into one?
All together they would make my dream guy.

once again.. in life.. I have found myself in with musician. I really think thats my "type" of guy. And the type I'm suppose to be with. cause I always find myself dating or attracted to one.. even before I find out that they are a musician.

life.......its strange.

work and the other stuff...2006-06-12 06:45:00 ET

One of these days I will go into more detail on the "taco" thing from last night. But I'd rather know completely what I'm talking about before I post more.

Yesterday was my 1st day of work at my new job.
It was pretty far.
Its a fuckin upscale, always busy hotel... i'm sure that easy shit is about to change today.
Actually I know it is.
But for $1.75 more than I'm making now at Blockbuster, and almost 40 hours a week, I can handle it.
I'm probably going to ozzfest this year, with a girl that I work with at the hotel.
We are talking about going to warped tour, but here thats the 26th. So I dont know if I'll have the extra cash.

Also, I found my mary jane hook-up!
I'm so freakin happy!
no more dealing with high-schoolers anymore.
$40 a quarter, cant be that!
It was $50, sometimes more back home.
Man, shit fot that price, after shit gets set at my job, i will buy that by the pound, so that way I dont have to worry about it for awhile.
She said I could get hydro anywhere from $100 to $150 a quarter.
sooo.. on that happy note, another... no drug testing at the new job, which is music to my ears, cause I'm more dirty than a kid playing in a coal mine.

Today is my second day of work. I gotta be there at 3 pm.
Go figure, my second day, its their inspection day.

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