tacos..2006-06-11 20:48:14 ET

some people shoot blanks
some people shoot sperm
some people shoot tacos...
(inside joke, sorta)

the taco has landed??

i fuckin hope not.

2006-06-09 16:36:27 ET

I havent showered at all today. I have make-up smeared down myface...and the neighbor hits on me.
this guy is white, probably mid-30's, he has a mullet and talks like a ghetto thug. lol.

oh my...they just dont care at all what you look like here. i could've just crawled out of a mud pit , and i'd still get hit on. lol

i'm so excited!2006-06-08 21:32:18 ET

Staying at Justin's was fun, as always.
We watched the 1st Underworld tuesday and drank.
Wen. he worked, so i just chilled and watched Swordfish and Requiem for a dream...that was a fucked up movie... but i loved it. And I think others should got watch it.
Its an older movie, but its awesome.
then when he got hom we went to walmart, then to the market.
then we went home and watched Underworld Evolution, fuckin awesome. Then we just watched random movies and drank and made fun of each other. lol.
Today we went to the mall, and watched movies.
yes, we watch movies alot.
we love movies.

Oh yes.. the most important thing in this entry is this..

I GOT THE JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I start next week!
Its fuckin awesome!!

Things are looking up!
I will be able to get a car now!
I will be able to go to college!!

Awww! Its great!

she has stepped out.2006-06-06 05:40:12 ET

Ok So right now I'm getting ready for work.
I work at noon.
I get off at 5pm, but Justin wont be here until 6pm. Since he gets off at 4pm and it takes about an hour and 20 mintues to get here.
So I'm just going to hang around work til then.
I'm going to bake his brownies there, since my oven is being a bit of a douche.
I'm renting the new Underworld tonight at work, since i know they will hold me a copy. :P
So basically all he wants to do, is...sit home and get fucked up.
So we must have lots of movies.
And because he is random like this.. i nthe middle of talking about..i think movies he says " Oh yea, my mom sent me a new sheet set for my birthday...sooooo...ya know what that means?
I say " no...???"
He says " That means no sex in the bed"
??? lol.
So I'm assuming everywhere else is fair game. lol.
He's such a dork at times.
Well Imma get off here and finish getting ready. I'll talk to you all later.
Hope you cool cats are having a good week thus far!

hahaha2006-06-05 21:19:16 ET

I'm sorry, but..
every time i see Charles Manson on TV, i laugh.
hes a funny fuckin nut.
the fact of how hard he tries to prove he is crazy, humors me.

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