i need to finish    2005-11-23 10:14:54 ET
my christmas list to give to my mom so she can give lists to people

coming up short on cds, casue i'm actually thinking about it so of course i can't think of any

any ideas?

i'll take movie suggestions too

i'm going to just make two lists of stuff i want to get, whether it's birthday christmas or just whenever it's always good to have a list haha

 *le sigh*    2005-11-20 21:43:20 ET
This categorically has to be the worst paper I have ever written, next to the one that I wrote last time I was at IUPUI in which I also didnt' follow the rules given by the instructor, but I put more time and effort intot hat paper and pulled off an A anyway, this one...not so much haha.

i am really really really disappointed in myself and how crappy of a student i have been since i graduated high school. blah.

i just hope this doesnt' make me fail the course.

 Paper No. 2    2005-11-20 14:11:16 ET
Starting it now, hope i finish it by tomorrow ...

Plan for next semester, don't wait til last minute to do papers. Dur!


haha i just found my paper that the professor gave me for the requirements, and it has an outline on it. she tells us exactly what to do step by step...this is going to be a piece of cake! haha

 I Walk The Line    2005-11-18 20:49:05 ET
Ok, first let me just say how much I love Joaquin Pheonix (i've seen all but i think one of his movies)

and also, i am now even more in love with him haha

and i have a new found respect for mr. cash. not just cause of Joaquin, and not just cause of the movie (though DAMN!!! even if you don't think you'll like it, go see it!!!) and i'm seriously adding to my collection as much johnny cash as i can get my hands on...and my mom thinks i'm insane.

and how excited am i that the soundtrack has the casts original recordings on it!!! cause Joaquin and Reese both did a really good job. awesomeness..

ok so i'm done ranting now gotta get to bed so i can finish a birthday cake for emilee in the morning,

today was her 3rd birthday! happy birthday Dart Gayder!!

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