Seems Appropriate At The Moment...    2005-02-21 20:11:19 ET
;) hehe love you ^_^

"Not Myself" - John Mayer

Suppose I said
I am on my best behavior
And there are times
I lose my worried mind?

Would you want me
when I'm not myself?
Wait it out while I am someone else?

Suppose I said
Colors change for no good reason
And words will go
From poetry to prose

Would you want me when
I'm not myself?
Wait it out while I am someone else?

And I, in time, will come around,
I always do for you.

Suppose I said
You're my saving grace?

Would you want me
when I'm not myself?
Wait it out while I am someone else?

 So here's what happened tonight...    2005-02-20 21:16:40 ET
After the night out with Paul and coming home to find that Lenny was parked downt he street waiting for us...Melissa has decided (hopefully for 100% sure now) that she's getting a divorce.

And Lenny informed her tonight that he is going to fight her for custody, after he tells her he doesn't want to be in the girls lives anymore.

See he has stages, stage one is "pissed off mad" stage. and stage two is "cry and whine like a baby" stage then it's back to pissed off stage, he goes back and forth, it's very predictable.

So he argues with her for a while. Then he hangs up cause he was pissed off. So she calls him back and leaves him a message that if he doesn't give Angie (her sis) her stuff (she let him borrow some movies and her dumbass job sent her W2 to his house) tomorrow that she's going to get a police officer and come get it herself.

So ten min later he's calling back crying and whining cause the bitching and threatening didnt' work. So he proceeds to threaten some more when the whining doesn't work. saying that he's going to fight her for custody of the kids and prove to the court that she is an unfit mom for these reasons:

1. She was out til 6 am with me friday night.
2. She is in an unstable environment with the children.
3. Olivia's doctor said her most recent bladder infection was from "poor hygiene"
andwhatever lese reasons he has that i can't remember right now.

ok and here's our rebuttle...

1. How does he know where we were? There are no records of our actions taht night. Neither of us used any type of credit card. So for all he knows we had just left the house to get milk or something for the kids and then came back. And the kids were taken care of so even if she did go out, mom was here to take care of them all night and they were in bed anyway.

2. These kids are far better off here then they were at their house. They have constant supervision, food EVERYWHERE (haha you should see our fridge and pantry), and beds to sleep in. Where at his house Olivia has no bed and i can guarentee he doesnt' have the fridge or pantry stocked with anything.

3. Olivia's "poor hygiene" comes fromt he fact that she's 5y ears old and barely fits on a toilet seat, so when she wipes she' hasnt' quite perfected the technique yet. And we have taken care of that problem by getting her some wet wipes to use with the toilet paper so no problem there anymore. Plus had he not caused so much grief around her (plus we are pretty sure he is telling her lies and stuffa bout us) she wouldn't be pissing her pants.

ooooh and he tells melissa that he saw us on the main road and turned around to follow us back to the house friday night. WHATEVER! no one was behind me when i pulled into my neighborhood and yes i do notice cause normally they ride my ass when i turn in cause it's a quick turn off the main road into my neighborhood onto my street. and he was facing the main road, not the cul de sac. he forgets my road is a friggin cul de sac, so he oculdnt' have come from anywhere but there. dumbass.

so yeah she's geting a divorce now. and she told paul tonight in an email how she felt about him. she is sooo freaking out haha. poor girl. she's like how i was in high school with this guy i liked. haha. but now i have someone UBER better so i'm all good, no worries for me :D hehe. but she told him that no matter what she really watns to make sure they have their friendship above all else she just wanted to tell him how she felt casue she knew if she didn't do it now she'd never would and then it would haunt her forever.

but ANYHOOT. ahah not that anyone cares about this but i had to vent.

so that is the status of my life right now...complete and total chaos.

much love all


 The Nights Festivities    2005-02-19 02:00:40 ET
So Melissa told me earlier this week that Paul (the hottie at her work she likes) wanted to go out with us friday night to The Vogue. It's a "straight" club that plays techno (yes i had to specify straight club cause they dont' play techno around here unless it's a gay bar). So I said maybe, cause I wasn't to keen on being a thrid wheel.

Well she talked Greg (her gay friend from work) into going, so we decided instead to go to Talbott ..again hehe. So we go and have a BLAST, it was sooooo~o great! way more fun then i've ever had going out before. But Melissa was smart at the beginning of the evening she turned her cell phone off, cause she knew Lenny would call and she didn't want to tell him she was going out (which is none of his business anyway) cause she didnt' want to hear him bitch about it. So I said "well you know what he's going to do when you don't answer" an dshe just rolled her eyes and nodded.

So we had a wonderful time (which I will probably , maybe, post mroe about later) until we leave the club and go to get something to eat (at 4 am mind you) and melissa checks her phone and she has 5 voice messages and 8 text messages from Lenny. Well she checks them but thankfully doesn't call him back. So finally we get home, bout 20 min ago, and we pull in the driveway, get out of the car and i hear "melissa" i turned and about shit...Lenny was friggin WAITING DOWN THE STREET for us to come home.......HELLO! Stalking is ILLEGAL in all 50 states bastard!

So she goes to talk to him for a minute, tells him her phone was off and she didn't appreciate him waiting down the street for her like that. So we come inside and she goes to bed, the home phone rings. Mind you it's 6:30 in the morning and his kids are asleep in this house, not to mention my mom is "asleep" so bastard doesn't need to be calling especially since he knows he's not allowed to call here, it's mom's house and she's done told him he isn't welcome here.

So he calls and hangs up when the ansewring machine picks up, well i go into moms bathroom and i tell her (on the way in to the bathroom ..its in her bedroom) that if it rings again she needs to pick it up. and Yup...about 5 min later it rings again, so she picks it up and tells him not to call her anymore and that if she catches him outside her house again she'sg etting a restraining order against him. So he says "well why don't you just go ahead" so she says that she will and hangs up the phone. See he was in "pissed off" mood then.

5 min later the phone rings again, mom picks it up and he's all whiny and crying saying "mary lou" (that's what the family calls my mom) and she just says "i don't want to hear your whining bullshit lenny, i'm going to be at the police station in the morning" and hangs up.

so we are waiting for the girls to get up now, so i can tell melissa that she's not to let him in the house and if he shows up she is supposed to tell mom cause mom will call the cops, who conviently are down the street haha.

ok that's all for now, sorry i jsut had 2 cups of coffee and i'm wired from being pissed off and wanting to beat the shit out fo the bastard for stalking my cousin.

much love all

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 This weekend    2005-02-13 17:39:43 ET
My baby was here this weekend :)

We didn't get to do as much as we wanted to do, or well much of anything we wanted to do, it's hard to do much when you have kids running around and constant drama in your house.

had to do valentines early. we went to dinner saturday night at a german restaurant we have here downtown called The Rathskeller. it's awesomely good. then today before he went back home we exchanged gifts and such, all i got him was a hoodie adn some cologne, but he made me the most awesome picture book :) it's like a scrapbook of pictures of him and sayings and stuff, it's greatness :) now whenever someone says "hey do you have a picture of your boyfriend" i can say yes and show them. hehe yay!

hopefully i can make it down for his birthday but i can't talk to mom about it yet cause well she left today too for Dallas to go train for her new job that she finally got. she's there til friday.

which means...i'm the house....with melissa and the girls. tomorrow morning i have girl duty cause melissa has court, so guess who tried to kill himself (*coughhack* FAKER *coughhack*) this weekend while he was on the phone with melissa to try and get him to feel sorry for her again, and oh worked. *shakes head* anyway, she's been text messaging back and forth with him all night so i told her before she went to bed that she needed to go get some sleep cause she had to get up early tomorrow and so did he so he needs to leave her alone now.

then tuesday evening i watch the girls again. which i'm sure olivia will hate me being the babysitter cause i'm strict. at least more so then her mom and my mom are. she threw a fit tonight and said she ahted it here asue she couldnt' have fun here ...all cause we asked her to clean up her toys cause it was time for bed. whatever kid...i dont' give in to whining and crying. i know she's having a rough time but that's not how to solve it. giving her whatever she wants evertime she acts like a brat won't teach her to act like a well-behaved kid. which she used to be.

anyway, enough about that.

waiting on my new computer to get here :) that will be nice.

hope all is well with everyone else.

peace out

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