The Weekend Update...    2005-02-06 18:37:36 ET
Thursday night we put the girls down for bed. Around I dunno 10:30-11:00 emilee starts crying and we hear melissa go get her (she was upstairs watching tv) and then we hear the bathtub. so mom and I go to check. emilee had thrown up all over EVERYTHING. poor dear, she's only 2.

So we get her settled and melissa sits with her upstairs while every 10-15 min she is throwing up/dry heaving. Then around 12 we hear olivia crying. so mom and i go upstairs prepared to tell her to shut up casue her sister is sick. open the door and she's thrown up. Greeaatt.

So ever since my kidney stone and all the times i got sick then, I have had a really weak stomach so I couldn't do much to help so i just sat there and watched olivia when mom had to go do stuff (laundry, throw out trash, etc). Finally around 2 or so I decide to go lay down and told mom to come get me if she needed me to sit with olivia so she coudl sleep. around 4 i wake up again, go check and mom is stil up with olivia, who is still sick. i didn't get much sleep that night, kept waking up everytime i heard the girls crying.

Friday we told melissa to be careful cause the girls were still kinda sick but she took them to see Lenny anyway cause he was supposed to watch them so she coudl have a break...whatever, he called/messaged her every friggin 5-10 minutes, what kind of a break is that. but whatever.

So Saturday she takes the kids to go out for Olivia's the time they come home I am on the floor sick. It started around 1:00 and lasted til 11:45 last night. Every hour on the hour i was getting sick sometimes more often.

Then around 11:00 last night, mom got it.

So mom and I spent today in bed, which sucks but i can't do much, everytime i get up i get winded from being so weak. I lost 5 pounds yesterday. which ok i could use to lose that much and more but not that way. I odnt know how people can make themselves throw up to get skinny, no way in hell would i do it.

anyway i'm getting better slowly but surely, ate some eggs and some soup today adn kept that down so that's really good. mom isnt' so great yet but i'm sure by tomorrow she will be better.

good news though, i get back almost $3000 from my school tuition, and my bank just sent me a $50 gift card for no reason. And I have a new computer on the way, thanks to moms good credit standing (we got an card) and i got my first credit card friday and only put about $30 on it, none for me of course but that's ok haha. so i'm doing good right now. other than being sick as a dog.

umm ok that's all.
much love

 Do I sound like an idiot? I hate trying to be professional...    2005-01-26 12:16:45 ET
To Whom It May Concern,

I am currently seeking some kind of employment within the Criminal Justice field. I am looking to get a job within this department because of my interest in this field of work. I am a college student who will soon be transferring to IUPUI downtown in the Forensic and Investigative Sciences program. I am currently living in the town of Plainfield, and any work I could get would be helpful. It would be very helpful if I could work around my coming school schedule, but until that time I am open to working whenever I am needed. I know my resume may not show much work within a secretarial field, but in 2 of the jobs I have had I have worked with phones and customer service. I also know my way around an office and am a very quick learner. Thank you for your consideration and your time in reading this.

Natasha Bolton

 "One For My Baby"    2005-01-23 20:38:39 ET
You will be missed...

Itís quarter to three,
Thereís no one in the place ícept you and me
So set íemí up joe
I got a little story I think you oughtta know

Weíre drinking my friend
To the end of a brief episode
So make it one for my baby
And one more for the road

I know the routine
Put another nickel in that there machine
Iím feeling so bad
Wonít you make the music easy and sad

I could tell you a lot
But you gotta to be true to your code
So make it one for my baby
And one more for the road

Youíd never know it
But buddy Iím a kind of poet
And Iíve got a lot of things I wanna say
And if Iím gloomy, please listen to me
Till itís all, all talked away

Well, thatís how it goes
And joe I know youíre gettiní anxious to close
So thanks for the cheer
I hope you didnít mind
My bending your ear

But this torch that I found
Itís gotta be drowned
Or it soon might explode
So make it one for my baby
And one more for the road

(Song original Frank Sinatra, performed by Bette Midler at Johnny's Late Show Finale)

 I don't consider myself a quitter,    2005-01-20 04:23:49 ET
Just being honest with myself.

I have no real interest in being here at school anymore. Other than the fact that it gives me my own space, I have no motivation to go to class or do anything for my classes. I only took them because I had to.

I think I mentally checked out once I figured out I was going to transfer to a better program at IUPUI.

So I am in the process of dropping out and moving back home for the semester, well I'll be living at home while going to IUPUI, but I won't register there til Fall so I am taking the semester off. Hopefully I can get a job.

My crim teacher is going to help me as far as who I should send my resume to in Hendricks County. She lives there so I am going to go see her during her offices hours. She said she has a lot of ideas about where I should send it, so that's a good thing :D maybe she knows a few people who could help me out. Just trying to get my foot in the system you know? haha on the right side of the system that is. Don't need to be in jail. that side is the wrong side.

Ok, um just wanted to update those who cared on what was the happenings in my life.

much love all


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