September 06, 2007 4:16 pm    2007-09-06 11:18:33 ET
So I really want cool hair, but there isn't anywhere around here to get cool hair.

I have hair left over from some the extensions I tried to get a few years ago in Florida, but no one will buy it from me so I thought I'd try to use it, but unfortunately I know of no one who can do extensions decently.

I want cool hair mine sucks.

You should come do my hair ^_^

 September 05, 2007 4:57 pm    2007-09-05 12:02:59 ET
This is how exciting my life is

I'm watching I Love The 70's Vol. 2

Currently it's 1973

I wasn't even born then, why do I know these things?

Finally got myself a copy of Reservoir Dogs on DVD yesterday.

Sweet...Bruce's 1974 time.

No work until Monday thanks to having school this week give me a million things due by Friday.

I really want to see Eastern Promises. Viggo is my hero...satan to aragorn to the russian mob...he rules.

 In Regards To: September 1, 2007    2007-09-04 16:30:12 ET
More pictures from this past weekend...

We sat in an unknown town waiting for a train for an hour (it stopped). Then as we were leaving when it finally started up again, we spotted this sign...

I am a new fan of Saosin, thanks to Ben for getting us to watch them...

Taking Back Sunday (they were entertaining)

I was thoroughly unimpressed with these offense to people who adore H.I.M. I thought I'd give them a chance, and I did, but he bored me and apparently we bored him...but for those who do like ya go..

And the main events...

My Chemical Romance (i have more vids of these guys then pictures..but this was their opening)

This was all I got of Linkin vids turned out better

The screen in front of us was broken so I couldn't get good shots once the sun went down.

 September 04, 2007 5:52 pm    2007-09-04 12:55:47 ET
I got back to good ol' p-town on Sunday.

We stopped at the Navy Pier in Chicago on the way home.

It was fun.

Then we came back here and hung at the mall for a while.

Bought a new shirt.

Bought too much at the concert on Saturday, but it was fun.

Wish I could have fun like that more often.

Stitch <3'd Ben, can you tell...


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