August 31, 2007 4:18 pm    2007-08-31 11:23:25 ET
I'm hot and tired

Went to work today and then came home and got the insane idea to clean my car

It's a bit over 90 degrees outside, but hey why not right? haha

I did clean the car, vacuum, cleaned windows..etc. Then pulled it back out of the garage and noticed the lovely smears on the windows...screw it I'll fix it when the sun goes down.

Then I came in and thought I could get away with going upstairs and not waking up my dog so I wouldn't have to take her outside yet.

Screw that, she heard me. Damn dog is so old she barely hears anything but she heard me!

So I had to run downstairs, open the back door, then run back upstairs (i'm not kidding when I say run) pick her up and run her back downstairs and then outside.

See she's so old that if there is any hesitation between the point of when you pick her up and get her outside (take too long down the stairs, take too long opening the back door, etc) she'll pee on you and anything else in her path.

So luckily I got her outside without incident but then I decided that I should shower cause I was stinky from the outside cleaning and all that running.

It didn't help, I'm still hot and winded, damn i'm out of shape.

So now I sit here and watch a tv program on BTK (the serial killer) and trying to copy my Heroes dvds for Brad while he is on his way here from KY.

Hope everyone had a great day today ^_^


 Today is the day    2007-08-30 17:29:25 ET
I fell asleep at the wheel..that's how that line goes right? hell if I know, but I see that everywhere I turn.



I've been gone for some time...yet again.

I fade in and out of existence on this site

I'm going to see Linkin Park/My Chemical Romance in Chicago this weekend.

The original group of people who were going with me has now dwindled down to only 2. So I'm stuck with 2 tickets that haven't been paid for and that no one wants and one ticket that has been paid for but no one wants...blarg.

Finally found a hotel room.

Going to go to the Art Museum while we are there. Haven't been in ..well if I say how long it'll remind me of how old I am.

Life is the same as it always is with me.

It'd be nice to say that I was done with school, had found a man, and was moving on with my life...

But alas I cannot tell you those things.

I can tell you that my official pirate name is Dread Pirate Vane and I adore it.

And I can tell you that I'm going to bed now.

Hope that everyone is doing very well ^_^


 Have you heard the news that you're dead    2007-01-11 05:57:55 ET
I feel like poo today. But I must go to work or I fear they might fire me. I'm a..little behind...ok little is a HUGE understatement but when you have to pull 2005 files in order to have room to do anything else you tend to get behind cause that takes forever and a day. (I'm a file clerk and a car dealership incase you wondered).

So work it is. I have school as well. Get this, I'm taking PE (cause for some stupid reason Indiana State requires PE) online!!! How in the hell do you do a PE online? All I know so far is that the first half of the class is like health class. That i can understand, but what happens when they want me to start doing things like run a mile or stupid shit like that? How do they know I actually did it? Weird.

I'm only taking that and one other class this semester. I got really bad grades in 2 classes last semester so I'm going to talk to my advisor and see if I can re-take them for a new grade. We unexpectedly lost a friend (cause his wife is a psycho bitch) around the same time I had tests and an essay due and I completely spaced them, which I can see why I did but apparently my teachers couldnt'. so whatever.

And I got a B in my speech class so Yay for me!!!! I hate speech.

ok that's all for my stupid pointless update.

hope you all have a better day than I will probably have.


 Fading everything to black and blue    2007-01-05 05:59:19 ET
My mood as of lately has been less than stellar. I'm not sure why.

My health has improved some in that I don't have episodes anymore, so glad I'm better but wish I didn't waste almost $1000 trying to find out what was wrong haha.

Been listening to Counting Crows a lot lately. I slacked off on listening to them for a while. I missed it.

Raining In Baltimore

The circus is falling down on its knees
The big top is crumbling down
It's raining in Baltimore fifty miles east
Where you should be, no one's around

I need a phone call
I need a raincoat
I need a big love
I need a phone call

These train conversations are passing me by
And I don't have nothing to say
You get what you pay for
But I just had no intention of living this way

I need a phone call
I need a plane ride
I need a sunburn
I need a raincoat

And I get no answers
And I don't get no change
It's raining in Baltimore, baby
But everything else is the same

There's things I remember and things I forget
I miss you
I guess that I should
Three thousand five hundred miles away
But what would you change if you could?

I need a phone call
Maybe I should buy a new car
I can always hear the freight train
If I listen real hard
And I wish it was a small world
Cause I'm lonely for the big towns
I'd like to hear a little guitar
I think it's time to put the top down

I need a phonecall

I need a raincoat

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