Health Status: Pending    2006-11-30 09:22:03 ET
I just finished round two of testing to find out what's wrong with me. Round two was the ultrasound. That was bizarre.

Round three is scopes into my tummy and elsewhere haha...i'm hoping i don't get that far but i'm thinking that's going to be where the issue is ...which sucks!

Now i'm working on my informative speech...the history of that a word? guess i'll find out in a minute.
i'm also converting the speech i already wrote and gave into an outline cause i suck at doing the outlines first..this was due a few weeks ago..i'm so behind..stupid holidays and being sick!

 Tomorrow Is...    2006-11-27 16:30:53 ET
My date of birth.

We had my party Saturday, it was a bust. Most of my friends couldn't make it and the ones who didn't weren't all that interested in staying too long. I bought a bunch of games for us to play and no one wanted to play them. I bought alcohol so we could stay at my house and they could drink if they wanted to, they would have rather gone out. I hate bars so therefore I don't get to see my friends all that often. I'm not a big drinker so I guess I'm not cool to hang out with. *shrugs* big surprise.

Tomorrow I work and come home, then dinner with my mom and probably my cousin and her kids. My Oma is here but I doubt she will go. It's close to when she is going back home and she's in her usual mood again (pouting and getting mad and throwing fits).

So now I finish some biology homework I am behind on and I guess I'm off to bed.

This is why my life sucks.

 There are    2006-11-25 22:53:42 ET
New pictures

Feel free to look around ^_^

 Things I've Learned Since I've Been Away    2006-11-23 19:49:08 ET

Sometimes When You Meet New People You Learn New Things About Yourself.

Weight Comes Easier Than It Goes

Love Is Fleeting & Confusing As Hell

My Life Is In A Stasis

I Rock At Boggle


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