October 6, 2007 2:55 pm    2007-10-06 09:55:26 ET
I didn't get much sleep last night.
Had a few sleepless nights lately.
Thankfully I have WoW to keep me occupied during my boughts of insomnia.
Having sleepless nights puts me in a weird mood.
Bought the new Matchbox Twenty release "Exile on Mainstream"
Haven't listened yet, but I think I already have a favorite out of the 6 new songs on the cd.

This is "These Hard Times"

morning falls like rain
into the city life
there goes another night

lose my breath in waves
knowing that every crash
is bleeding the hourglass
and takin the stride

from all our lives

everyone keeps talking
they promise you everything
they don't mean anything
we may lose our focus
there's just too many words
we're never meant to learn

and we don't feel so

say goodbye
these days are gone
and we can't keep holding on
when all we need
is some relief
from these hard times

move your hands in circles
keeping me hypnotized
the power behind your eyes
move around your bedroom
cursing the naked sky
you should be here tonight

but you stay alone
and cry

there's something missing
you never feel it but you
you're gonna feel it when it's gone
when it's gone

 September 28, 2007 10:55 pm    2007-09-28 17:58:00 ET
Last night was fun, oddly enough since I sat in my room alone.

I played WoW and chatted with Steve most of the night about the tv programs we were watching.

Almost like being in the same room except we were 45 min away from each other.

Robot Chicken Rawks My Socks! ^_^

And Drawn Together is pretty funked in the head, I attempted explaining it to my mom today but it didn't work so well.

I've got this weird knot in my stomach, i don't know if that means something bad is about to happen or something good is about to happen, but whatever it is I wish it would just hurry up and happen. It's that weird knot/burning sensation that if it was something good could be seen as that warm and fuzzy feeling ..but then again...maybe it's just acid reflux haha.


 September 24, 2007 7:21 pm    2007-09-24 14:22:38 ET
so here's a few updates

I'm addicted to WoW and have found that I enjoy both alliance and horde, I'm mostly on alliance because the person who suggested I play is alliance.

I finally watched 300

and i'm probably going to end up relocating back to terre haute

thats all

 Cake or death?    2007-09-19 07:47:58 ET

Apparently it chose death, not cake...

I just got home and walked in the door of the garage...got through the kitchen and heard a big bang.

Now, I'm used to hearing the humming birds throw eachother into our glass door because they fight over the food...but this was louder so I thought maybe the neighbor kids had thrown a ball or something...

So I look and there is this mark on my door ...then I look down and there is a pigeon/dove lying there...almost dead...then it died.


It seriously flew straight into our back door. You can see the mark where it's chest, head, and wings hit.

I almost cried because it died before i could do anything but dumbass broke it's own neck.

The other day mom found a finch dead outside..

I think the birds are slowly committing suicide...does life suck that bad for them?
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