in reference to my post before this one....    2004-03-30 19:58:57 ET
you know, he may just read this, if he gets an account here one day, but i'm about done with would you take this? (and ok this sets me up for people going "you are so blowing things out of proportion) but i guess it takes some background knowledge of the person i'm having the converstion with, let's just go with..this is typical behavior.

<background on this conversation i had told this person that viola (ekstasis) was coming into town next week and that him and chris (an old friend of ours) should try to make plans to come visit us...ok COME visit us..meaning dur i have school so come to the school to hang>

???: "so i just talked to chris and he was saying how we should make plans for all of us to get together and get drunk a couple of times at his house"

me: "oh well i have class that week so that won't work"

???: "oh well damn"

me: "yeah that's why i said you should come hang here"

???: "yeah..oooohh..that won't work" "maybe we can jsut steal her or something for a night and go out"

me: "yeah ok, i'll tell her to give you a call when she gets in"

....gee thanks for basically telling me "fuck you i'm just going to hang with your friend" which ok, i do take into accoutn that she does live in another state and he doesn't see her (well actually he sees her about as much as his ass bothers to see me) and the fact that they were friends long before i came into the picture, buuuut you could at least..i don't know...try to pretend that you are my friend to...maybe put some effort into can go hang at chris' but you can't come hang here? too much driving for ya there? not like he doesn't live out in BFE.

*pulls out ball-point pen again....clickclick* *grrrr*

ok i'm done ranting now. i just wanted to explain my problem from before..which that's not the whole problem, but it's enough.

 don't f*ck with me *pulls out ball-point pen.....clickclick*    2004-03-30 17:32:04 ET
so this has been the night of

"friends" making me feel stupid

"friends" helping to reinforce my own feelings of self-worthlessness...

and other FRIENDS trying to help make me feel better...I love you guys...the real friends I have. too bad you guys can't live here.

I'm going to get offline for a while but for those of you wanting to talk to me, I will be back later...promise :)

 *dances around singing* i wont' stop til i get'em in they birfday suuuit...    2004-03-30 08:19:35 ET
haha anyway..thought of the day:

in my humble opinion, it stops being a "mini-wheat" when it's a) classified as a "big bite" and/or b) is over 2 inches in length.

damn those "mini-wheat" people..grabbed the box cause i thought it was the know "mini" kind cause that's what the damn box says, then i open it and BAM..huge friggin pieces of wheat with a lilllllllllll bit o' frosting *cries*

oh well it's better than a bagel i guess *shrugs*

 *giggles* i have a new name    2004-03-26 21:40:17 ET
So, as is normal hehe..i had to go to the little girls room, and on my way, i see these three people at the elevator which is right by the door to the little girls room. i didn't think anything of it cause i try to keep to myself and not make eye contact with many people...and then the inevitable happens. i hear from the guy ..

"sup lil homie?"

haha i looked up surprised cause i wasn't sure he was talking to me but when i spotted him looking at me i just smiled real big and said "um..hey" and continued on my way into the bathroom..

the encounters around this place are priceless..

and in honor of this new title...hehe a new avatar:D


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