*sporks the smoke detector in the hallway*    2004-02-28 22:00:52 ET
bastard is going off again! just beeping and we JUST changed the batteries in ALL the detectors in the darn house...grrr and it's the one right outside my door too.

anyhoot haha.

spent the majority of saturday running around like crazy. got up at 10 and got my hair cut...we left there around noon...picked up my cousin around 3:00 after going home to get the present for the party and clean up...went to the birthday party for Gabrielle who turned 3..she's adorable....then we went to the mall so i could put the secret plan into action...stayed there til almost 9...came back and went target...stayed there til almost 11...came home..watched some tv..finished my cd project...came upstairs to go to bed...and now i'm online haha.

see..not much fun, but at least i got to spend time with my girls..who make me laugh. we bought Olivia a shirt that says "it's all about me" cause dammit if she doesnt' already think that. and one for emilee to wear when she gets bigger that says "ask me if i car" cause she'll definately be the one with sarcasm..i can already tell and she's only a year old.

ok well now i must umm..go back to talking to the hularious ms rachel (ra-ra as i have now dubbed her) and the wonderful mr gabe :) lots of fun this is..and lots of fun this weekend is hopefully goin to turn out to be...yes indeed.

<3 much love all <3

 You're Just Like An Angel, Your Skin Makes Me Cry...    2004-02-27 14:18:12 ET
Off to go home this weekend, once again another birthday party. I swear my family has one every weekend..it's annoying, but oh well. I get more footage of my cute 'neices' hehe...those girls are the best thing ever!

I hope I can make it back at a decent time on Sunday, unlike normal which is like 9 at night..that is so annoying. But we don't have much to do Sunday so hopefully we can get an early start back here.

Umm..ok just wanted to update that lil' bit of useless information.

<3 much love <3

 7 days is all she wrote...    2004-02-27 12:26:02 ET
I could wait till Tuesday,
If I make up my mind,
Wednesday would be fine,
Thursday's on my mind,
Friday'd give me time,
Saturday could wait,
But Sunday'd be too late?"

hehe sorry, just realized..some people may be here in seven days...and i'm really excited about that.

so i had to share...cause i can't hold the excitment in much longer.

*dances around*

 a crown of jewels for your head    2004-02-26 20:37:10 ET
"Pride can stand a thousand trials,
The strong will never fall,
But watching stars without you,
My soul cried...

...where are you now?"

Sooo..umm...i really don't have a lot to say. I know a lot of people aren't really all that happy right now. I'm here if anyone needs to talk. I've finally pulled myself out of my little rut that i was in...thanks to all of you who helped me out :) you are all the best <3 much love <3

and now i want to return the favor to anyone who wants the favor returned :)

ok so that's all for now, i need to get these cds finished.

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