just as an FYI    2004-01-28 08:47:41 ET
I could be taking a leave of absence from SK for a while..dunno how long or even if I will..this is just a..could happen so I thought I'd let anyone who cares know about it..thing.

So if you want my contact info as far as Yahoo, AOL/AIM, or MSN messangers let me know..I'll give them up.

 A collection of my thoughts..my feelings..course..they aren't "mine" but...you get the poi    2004-01-28 06:00:58 ET
"Wait for everyone to go away
And in a dimly lit room
Where you got nothing to hide
Say your goodbyes
Tell yourself weíll read a note that says,
"Iím sorry everyone.
Iím tired of feeling nothing. Goodbye."
Wash your face dry your eyes"

"But the girl on the car in the parking lot
says: "Man, you should try to take a shot
Can't you see my walls are crumbling."
Then she looks up at the building
and says she's thinking of jumping.
She says she's tired of life;
she must be tired of something."

"I may take a holiday in Spain
Leave my wings behind me
Drink my worries down the drain...
...Fly away to someone new"

"And how long has it been
Since someone let you in
Has given what I gave to you

And at night when you sleep
Do you dream I would be there
Just for a minute or two do you?

You ain't ever coming back to me
That's not how things were supposed to be
You take my hand just to give it back
No other lover has ever done that"

"Don't think that I can take another empty moment
Don't think that I can fake another hollow smile
It's not enough just to be sorry
Don't think that I could take another talk about it
Just like me you got needs
And they're only a whisper away
And we softly surrender
To these lives that we've tendered away"

"I am all that I'll ever be
When you - lay your hands
Over me but don't go weak on me now
I know that it's weak
But God help me I need this"

"Don't know how she gets by
Sleeps with a phone on her chest
And a bottle that's totally dry.
Forgets the day i was born
But if she saw me right now
She would hold me until we both died...

...And I could be
The one who would die to feel you breathe.
But it's too far gone,
And this love, must die...

I could be,
The one who would die to feel you breathe.
I could break, into eight million pieces
So just run as fast as you can for me
You mean everything..."

prolly add more in replies after this..mostly..i'm bored...

 It's 1 in the morning    2004-01-27 20:03:05 ET
I have another sinus headache cause I had to shut my window so now it's basically just dust circulating around my room..ugh!

I've taken a sinus pill which consists of...umm...lots of medicine...(i'm too lazy to go look) and 3 200 mg Ibuprofen...nothing as of yet...it better kick in soon or i'm going to blow my head off.

I'm bored...and tired...but in that "i've drank too much mt.dew so i'm not sleepy tired" mode.

I <3 the mini cans of dew...they are the greatest ever. I drink like 5 a day..haha.

Oh..and good news...tasha lost 3 more lbs :) *dances around* whoot!

Ok..off to spend some more time being bored...mayhaps I can draw myself a new tattoo again...i decorated my wrist earlier with a sharpie...yeah..boredom does weird things to me.
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 it's all inside of you    2004-01-27 18:19:29 ET
If anything
It should have been a better thing
From underneath you staring at the ceiling
Thereís another world of chocolate bars and baseball cards
That hides inside of all this tension that Iím feeling

But itís all inside of you

Surprise Surprise
I miss your hair
You miss my eyes
And all this solitude is my confidence eroding
So we slide inside of someoneís mouth and someoneís eyes
Until thereís the sound of something intimate exploding

But it's all inside of you

I wish that I was anaesthetized and sterilized
And then you wouldnít have this evidence congealing
Surprise Surprise
Another pair of lips and eyes
And that is the consequence of actually feeling

It was all inside of you

counting crows "carriage"

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