New Faces    2006-11-23 15:23:58 ET
Yes -- it has been rare that I attempt to write anything "poetic" over these past couple of months. But -- something has arisen that has called me to mentally deliberate within my own mind. It takes me back years ago -- of an old memory -- and is very similar in almost every aspect. I notice myself acting very much like I had in the past -- yet, I find myself now at a point where I could possibly alter or "better" the final outcome -- if it actually ever does get to that point.

So -- yes, that's a slight background of the poem. Which simply acts more of me putting my mixed up thoughts onto paper. Nothing fancy, polished, and may only be fully understood by me -- but, since there are a few people who say they like to read my poems -- alas, you now have something "new." ;)

And -- on a side note -- hope everyone had a good thanksgiving. :D

New Faces

Dark eyes lift up --
and stare at this old
memory -- rising before
my tired and weary mind.

It's the same -- but the
faces have changed, the
feelings of the past have
boiled up from the depths.

The words -- are all too
familiar, all too piercing --
for I already know the final
destination -- path already set.

And standing amid this path,
my heart pounds and aches,
as I stand and question -- if I
should change this memory.

To walk upon this path, till I
find myself at its end -- to stare
into the eyes of this -- New
yet hauntingly old memory.

Can I persuade myself -- to let
emotions rise -- and bloom --
or will I step back amid shadows
to hide my own insecurities.

To choke off these grumbling
emotions -- feelings that I
suppress all for my supposed --
own good -- trading in one pain.

And receiving another -- a sigh
escapes dry lips -- as the old
memory delicately plays within
my mind -- and of the pain that I

brought upon another soul --
for years -- only to be confronted
again, fearing if I should fully stay
and travel upon this coming path.

Or -- will I allow my history to
repeat herself -- unable to change
my own nature -- unable to change
my own thoughts -- unable to change.

I stare back into this memory -- a mere
forlorn dream -- that has pierced deeply
into my very being -- yet I stand petrified
that this memory may have returned.

With new faces -- same emotions --
the path is the same -- the words
are all too familiar -- and my reactions
are the same as they once had been.

Closing my darkened eyes -- confusion
has taken up residence within my mind --
I'm pathetically lost -- and dumbstruck
upon this old dusty path -- with new faces.

~ Jeff Reichelt

((And for those of you curious as to what music I was listening to while I wrote this -- well, Atlanta, Fuego, Time (mainly, Time), and Duel by Bond. If curious -- go look up Bond's CD "Remixed" Violins and the like oddly go well to techno styled beats.))

     2006-11-17 23:09:06 ET
I have returned.

Ended up creating an entirely new account...simply because I couldn't remember the password that I picked way back in...2002...or was it 2003? Regardless, I couldn't remember it.

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