2007-02-05 08:37:42 ET
I still live.

Should have been out of Iraq a few days ago.

But -- two more got killed, and I was kept because our command sergeant major wants "his team" to do it. Its slightly odd because one of the guys was from the new unit who just came in (not even a week here) and then the other guy was from an engineering battalion that was attached to us.

The thing that slightly has ticked me off about the entire thing is that the chaplain assistant who is here to take my spot isn't doing crap to help me with the memorial. Which -- doesn't really hurt me -- it'll end up hurting him down the line when he won't have a clue where to go or what to do. He was prior infantry and just re-classed to Chaplain Assistant due to a foot/ankle injury he got from an IED about a year or so ago. So, regardless of him being in the Army eight years -- he's a poor assistant.

Anyways -- it is almost over. Pray for great weather. No clouds. No rain. I want sun!

Hope life is treating you all well.

Stay safe.

 Weddings...    2007-01-23 12:46:44 ET
So I'll look to here for advise in this matter.

A female friend of mine is getting married to a one time male friend of mine. We all used to be close and do stuff together and whatnot. Then at some point the guy completely blew me off. To the point where the only words I've spoken to him in...7 years has been "hey." I believe his feelings toward me are from his one time perception that I was trying to steal his girlfriend (soon to be wife).

Back then -- this was not the case, because I wasn't trying to take her. I still don't fully understand why he came to dislike me. But -- regardless - - he doesn't. Though, during all this, the girl and I remained friends. Nothing was exchanged between us until last Christmas -- of which, I hadn't seen her in...4 years. So, it was mainly to see an old friend...though via high % of alcohol and many shots it turned into kissing and whatnot. No sex and the like -- I wouldn't allow it.

Well -- now that they're getting married in October she wants me to attend the wedding. I wouldn't mind going for her, but I don't want to show up to their special day and ruin it for the guy because I'm there. Possibly bringing back all the anger and whatnot he held for me in the past.

So -- this is what I told her, the only way I'd attend is if he invited me himself. I need him to make that mental decision of saying it, and to not be surprised by my presence there. Telling her that was greeted by quite a bit of silence -- mainly because, I don't think he'll actually invite me -- and she knows it too. But, as much as I'd like to go for her sake, I can't just show up to the wedding of someone who hates me, and someone who likes me. Meh.

So, should I go or no? Opinions?


 No internet.    2007-01-20 12:50:47 ET
I most likely won't be on here too much these next couple weeks.

Soon to be out of Iraq and back to Germany. AND in less than 4 months -- I'll be out of the Army! My slavery shall be over! 23 months in Iraq, and 19 memorial ceremonies completed. I even was the guy who put together the memorial ceremony for the first Navy SEAL to get killed in Iraq since the start of the "war." Yeah -- no one knows that really, but at least you do now. :P

This past deployment has been rough. I've lost quite a few good friends out here, and will forever be scarred by the mental pictures. I no longer enjoy war films. Also, due to this deployment I missed the passing of my grandfather, and as of Friday -- my uncle. All in all -- its been a shitty year, and there wasn't a damned thing I could do about any of it.

There is no honor in killing -- there is no honor in war. They are but mere myths to provoke poor young men to run off to die. Pride always has been, and will remain the main aspect within the fall of man.

Oh, and I'm glad that the Legislative branch is finally standing up and putting a check on the Executive. It half makes you see hope that our form of government might/can actually work/survive. I am against raising troop levels, and I'm against any attack against Iran. I support the withdrawl of the troops from the Middle East -- as well as telling Israel to stop provoking conflicts.

And -- peace in the Middle East is a mere dream. As long as the US fully supports Israel and continues to arm them/support their aggression -- there will be no peace. And definately not brought about by the US.

...how this dragged into political realm...meh. I'm just tired of the military, and tired of certain leaders not having a damn clue about the situation on the ground. Build/train up Iraqi forces? Yeah...we've been doing that since 2003. Its now 2007 -- and guess what, their forces are still shit.

Anyways -- you all be good, and I'll try not to get killed in these last few weeks.

Stay safe,

 Sick...    2007-01-15 01:53:14 ET
So I've been sick the past few days, but yesterday it climbed the peak and forced me to kneel before the toilet. It sucked. Though, sadly -- during the days when I was drinking like crazy, and not caring about my own personal limits -- I would puke quite often. To the point where it wasn't a problem anymore. Would just puke, clean, and then go about my business. So -- puking isn't as feared as it used to be when I was younger. Though, dry heaving still sucks.

The thing that really sucked though is that it scratched the back of my throat. And so now that is quite painful. I think I'm going to try to eat soup today...

Anyways -- I haven't thrown up due to sickness in roughly 4-5 years.

If I weren't in the Army -- I'd call into work sick today. But -- no, I got a ton of shit to do while I feel like shit. And the Chaplain isn't mentioning otherwise -- he's still planning on me doing the ton of shit.

 Math...    2007-01-13 12:39:12 ET
So -- I pulled out an old college algebra book yesterday.

Started to do some problems. Remembered how to do them...then I stumbled across those "odd" looking problems. And I just stared. I checked the answer in the back...and then stared some more. Then -- I closed the book and threw it aside. :D

I'm hoping I don't have to do anymore math classes once I get back to college. I haven't used anything but basic math in the past 5 years...and somehow -- I don't foresee using it anytime in the near or far future.

Math is dependant upon what your vocation is.

Now -- I'm debating which I find more appealing -- Biology or Chemistry. I need to knock my lab class out of the way when I get back. I dislike both of them, I just need to choose the lesser of the two evils. Science has never been my strong subject. Do I want to dissect things...or watch chemicals react to each other? Meh.

Yup yup.
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