So today...    2007-03-21 03:06:24 ET
It was cold, then it rained, then it snowed, then it got hot and sunny, then it rained again, and now its hot and sunny. This all occurred before 1pm...

I really do not like Germany.
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 Damnit...    2007-03-15 20:03:03 ET
Depression is always right around the corner.

I seriously don't know if I'll ever conquer the bastard.

...and to the other part -- I feel that he's always right behind the door.

Regardless of my life's situations for the past 10 years depression has always been there.

Meh -- if this were a few years back, I'd have written 10 poems about it. Now, I prefer just to sleep it off.

Great cure...

     2007-03-13 19:22:32 ET
Jäger+Red Bull is the shit.

Oh yes, the blessed deer.

I'm drunk, so I'll stop trying to type now.

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 I am back -- and connected.    2007-03-02 01:46:43 ET
So -- I'm back in Germany. I'll refrain from telling you all how long I've been back though. However, I haven't been on the internet but once for 5 minutes during my time back. That has changed.

I have the internet once again. And sooooo much faster than the crap I had in Iraq. I hear the soft whispers of WoW calling me...I'm debating if I should ignore them or answer them...hmmm.

Hope you all have been doing good. For me -- its been quite a bit of Jager/Red Bull...and wine.


 Out of Iraq...    2007-02-09 07:28:41 ET
Am currently in Kuwait.

Within a few days...back to Germany.


And in 3 months -- out of the Army.


Stay safe all,

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