Why the fuck.    2007-11-21 12:31:48 ET
For girls -- I just seem to be an escape from their bullshit relationships/situations. Mainly because for some reason people are too fucking weak to make changes to their lives.

Tho -- I guess in the end, I'm at blame myself. I let it all happen, and then get slightly upset when they make the decisions I know they're going to make.

Regardless, I grow to hate the human race at an ever accelerating rate.


 Meh.    2007-11-15 18:18:50 ET
I hate school.

Not that its exactly hard -- I just hate bullshit work.

And when I was just out of high school they might have been able to use pitiful excuses saying that's its to make me better rounded or something...but no -- 90% of what you learn, you will not use.

Ok -- unless its something field specific (like, engineering, nursing, etc).
But even then -- on the job training is far superior to most things you'll learn in a classroom.

But all these bull "filler" classes to get you into your destined major program...not needed.

And then I look into my future...and realize, I still got 3-4 years left of this crap.

Only to jump into a career for the next 30 years of my life. Not because its anything that I exactly want to do -- but need money to pay for things, therefore -- I must work.

Anyone know a nice lil bridge in the middle of nowhere with fertile soil and fresh water running close to it?

 The same...    2007-04-26 22:58:27 ET
You're just like everyone else.

You just might not have figured this out yet.

 Ok.    2007-04-21 21:04:33 ET
I'm tired of fucking alcohol.

I hate the shit.

Yet -- I still drink it.

I hate drunk guys.

I hate drunk girls.

Their idiocy astounds me.

And, alas -- I type this message drunk.

I really don't think I'm gonna drink nearly as much as I do in the Army when I get out of the Army in 18 days.

 At the very least...    2007-04-14 18:55:15 ET
The Army has taught me how to deal with drunks.

As to my drinking -- I doubt I'll hardly drink when I get out of the Army (I rarely get drunk when I go on leave). I've done it so much now that I could care less for it. When I first got to Germany 3 1/2 (I was 20 then) years ago I used to mainly do shots -- now (23 now), I can't stand the things.

Half the time anymore I'm dragged out to the bars to drink with friends. Which annoys me -- because I prefer to drink at bars by myself or with people that can handle themselves. Alcohol doesn't affect me nearly as bad as it affects a lot of other people. I can drink from 6pm to 6am and still walk straight (ok, thats if I'm drinking Jager+red bull, and thats roughly the only thing I drink). My role then ends up taking care of the people who can't handle their alcohol.

Meh -- I wish there was more to do during your average weekend in Germany than go out and drink. Its seriously turned into a damn chore. Yet, I refuse to just sit on my couch in the barracks wanting to beat my head into a wall because of one of my roommates.

This post is somewhat random...

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