2005-01-30 10:22:54 ET
People are generally a clueless mass. That tend to look left and right, but never up. When they do have that urge to look up, Maybe they will get a better picture of the world around them, and how it does not revolve around them.

     2005-01-30 10:12:46 ET
An interesting line I saw in a flick last night..."I'm thinking of a number from one to ten." Second character stammers while thinking and replies,"Six?" First character hesitently replies,"Good guess!But the number was. Fuck you!" I'll have to remember that one for later use. Something else to file in my cranial index of useless things.

 Pondering.....    2005-01-29 20:27:16 ET
Spoke to my mum today. She is still really out of it. She told me that in 2 months time they would have been married 25 years.A quarter of a century. I always wonder what that would be like, being with someone for 25 years plus, when my lonegest relationship was four and a half years long?!The thought boggles me at times.

Since my family is not the church going type. My family decided to have a wake at their house for my dad.She decided on using tea candles, for everyone that attends. And special ones for each family member, including the doggies. She knew that I have no way to get there and understands that:(, same goes for my brother in Texas. But my brother John in Texas is going to transport dad's ashes back to England. I guess it is his form of closure.

I asked my mum if I could have something small of my stepfathers to keep with me,nothing big, just something small for luck. I did the same thing when my real father passed. I keep his old dog tags with me all the time. More of a respect thing.

If you think about it for a bit. You could go at any time. Be snuffed out of existance in the wink of an eye!Be a cosmic splat on some demi-god's sandal. Or a stain somewhere on the horizon. Just think.....

     2005-01-28 00:55:41 ET
:(...Just got a call from my mom(5:55am est/2:55ampst), my stepfather just passed away in California....not a good day today.....

 Tuesday is ass too.......    2005-01-25 17:08:30 ET
So I got a new hammer drill from work today. I named her. Like I name all the power tools. I named her "Biatch De Luxe".

The Palm Beach inspectors were in full force today. Three units we inheirited(*from another company, that got fired.) didn't pass inspection . Or for that matter have permits to work on them. You think a company as big as mine would have done their homework! Ultimately this means, if they want to be assholes, they can shut down the entire operation at a moments notice! Which means no duckets to pay bills! Which is really fucking bad!!! And means more stress! Just waiting for that speech, to go home, and come back in a couple of weeks:(. I fucking swear......

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