2005-01-20 21:21:01 ET
Earlier I was sound asleep. Until the annoying vibrating whine of my cell phone dancing across my nightstand awoke me.Then a second droning of my phone ringing at 11 pm. Checked the messages, and realized it was my ex! Yeah! The same old verbal nuggets of crappage, spewed over and over!How are you. How's the cat. Is my stuff okay? In essence if you really cared about your personal effects, you would have done something constructive with them 2 months previous. Unlike most,You lack the coherence and indecency of a poorly lit flatulant.In layamn terms.Your about as brilliant as a dull lump of coal! You make lifeless rocks seem rather intellegent. Basically your a lifeless shell of a person.I've earned the right to rant and rave. Cause I dated this person. One nice note about myself. Technically we are in the Aquarius stage of the new year. My stage! A little note about Aquarius. Piss us off, and you've basically screwed yourself!We forget very few things that people do to us, upseting an Aquarius is like burning a bridge for life...*Smokes a cancer stix....* jumps off of soapbox.

     2005-01-16 19:04:08 ET
Six minutes and counting to offical turd day of the week!!! No applause. Just teeth gnashing, brow furrowing, and the worst day of existance coming to a close soon. I must be in a funky mood currently. Been listening to odd 80's music all night...*smacks self...That felt rather good!

     2005-01-15 21:22:36 ET
La la la la la la....While sticking your fingers in your ears is a good tactic to piss off someone...Anyways......I've been in this funky mood of listening to 80's one hit wonders:P I must enjoy the aural abuse, or it is late. I could always blame it on the twinkies and lack of shut eye. In a recent survey 10 out of 10 insomniacs said sleeping is overated.

     2005-01-15 20:00:28 ET
Todays average walking distance was about 9 miles.The schlep up to the Hess station to catch my ride.Then another 7 or so at work.My boss neglected to show up at work today, cause he didn't want to face the fact, that he fucked up some finish dates on some units. So he called me twice on my cell, to get on my good side(*What a friggin apple polisher, brownie hound and a boot licker he is!). I hung up on him the second time:), I told him from the start, that he was allowed to call me once a day. After that I told him, that he could pay my cell bill(told him that 6months ago).I hung around waiting for supplies to show up for over an hour. Meanwhile one of the residents saw me standing under an overhang, and brought me over 2beers:P, chugged them and chilled, looked at watch...Wow! Only 9 am. Left the site at noon due to lack of supplies. Like I can wait for Monday!

     2005-01-15 18:04:33 ET
Gage and I were talking about all the shit, my ex had left when she moved back to Virginia. Boxes of clothing, vinyl, a metric butt load of shoes and boots, 3/4 of a wall full of cd's, etc etc. I tried very hard this time, to be aimable, and look at things in a different perspective. Tried like hell to be accomodating and nice(ask gage about that one too). But it's getting more and more tempting to deep-six all her shit, to recover some of the money for bills and stuff . I'll give it a few more days, then go ahead, and decide what to do!

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