$486.722004-04-23 17:10:04 ET

The Leafs beat the Sens.
Now they play against Philly. Shit. Cause 2/3 of the Leaf fans here will tell you that the Flyers will kick ass. Ironically, a poll taken of Philly fans showed that 2/3 of their fan base feel that Toronto will win the series. I hope they're right.

The gov't owes me money (see subject line).

So I've been snapping a bit lately. I'm feeling angsty and I'm not sure why. There are possible reasons. But I won't get into it. Mostly work related.

So summer's almost here. Yes, 10 C is the start of patio season here in Canada. That being the case, I want to put forward the idea of an SK meet in the Toronto area sometime SOON! Let's get this one going, unlike the past failed attempt.

I'll check back soon. Promise.


don't look at me like that...


The Big Day2004-04-11 17:28:30 ET

Well. It's official. I proposed to Nicole tonight. She said yes (phew!) and we celebrated at Easter dinner. Not that Jesus ever came to mind.

Anyway, ham, turkey, salmon, chocolate. All at once. No, not really. But much mirth was to be made. My sis-in-law and my baby nephew were over for the afternoon-evening. I'll try to post pics of him soon.

We're happy. The cat's outta the bag (no pun intended), cause my brother found out. Oh well. No big deal.

Anyway, back up to the wine and coffee n stuff.

'Til next time!

Happy Easter!


"Say hello/ Remain/Close to me/ No good-bye suicide mystery"2004-04-07 14:51:27 ET

Been awhile.
Sorry 'bout that.

So what's everybody been up to?
Hmm... just won an N64 off eBay. Kinda pumped about that. Can't wait to play Zelda again.

Work has been... slow. But it's picking up again.

Nicole and I are, well, deeply in love with each other. That's good.
Told my folks about the engagment. They're really happy 'bout it. Which is also good.

My buddy found out that his father, whom he hadn't talked to for over 3 years, passed away suddenly at the age of 54. Heart attack. Dead before he hit the ground. So take time to tell someone close to you how you feel. I try to.

So it's been a bit of a rollercoaster of emotions lately. That and I haven't been home very much lately to get onto SK and shoot the shit. Again, sorry.

Anyway, off I go again. I'll try not to disappear for quite so long. Be good to each other! And I truly think a Canadian SK meet is so friggin' necessary at this point.

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