Things that really piss me off...2003-10-22 03:50:08 ET

3. Ignorant people. Not the helplessly ignorant. They can be informed, educated and thus made into better individuals. No, I mean the bible thumpers and the closed-minded far right wingers that seem to crowd the subway, thinking their shit smells sweeter than the rest.

2. Pop music. The crap that is spewed out of Much Music and MTV makes me want to go postal. I mean why must the public be dumbed down by that kinda crap? Just another way of control, I s'pose. I'm not very happy about the current state of artistic affairs in the western hemisphere.

and the #1 thing that pisses me off on any given day
I mean really... if I ask for it black, I want it blacker than hell!
So my day has been shit on... I hadn't the time to go back and get a fresh cup. It'd be different if I wanted the cream, but instead got a black least then I could add the cream. But this is irreversible. Just like ignorant people on the subway, and bad pop music. The damage is done and there's no turning back.

Where's my gun? Get me my gun.

Jeezus2003-10-21 19:28:17 ET

I really gotta learn when to go to bed... I think I'm one of the few who still believe sleep is a very necessary part of feeling complete...

If anyone has any ideas on toppling Dubya, let me know, I'd love to help.

I'm goin' ta bed... for real.

Argh!2003-10-21 14:51:47 ET

The Girl is telling me that it's 27C (80F) back in Portland. Yeah, I'd like that! For current weather conditions in my little plot of the Earth, click here.

Knowing that other parts of the world are having nicer weather gets me all...all.... GRAGGHHHH!!!!

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