Thanks for the memories...2003-10-21 13:47:25 ET

brought down the old box from the attic
sat with you on the floor
and shuffled the memories
here's one from a more
magical time, or so they say
faded and yellowed
stained with tears
and coffee
put back, away
up to the attic again
so sorry you had to go
too soon, or so they say

Blackened Out2003-10-21 03:31:04 ET

Some government official used a big ol' sharpee and blacked my girl out last night.

That sounds odd.

More accurately, at about 7:30, Ontario Hydro thought to do some repairs on the grid... without mentioning it to anybody. Her roommate called Hydro and they said "Oh yeah, power should be up between 9 and 9:30"
9:45 rolls round and now they're saying 10 and 10:30
10:45 the power finally turns back on. Not that I mind that repairs have to be done, but how about a little bit of warning there?

Too much to ask, I guess. If there wasn't going to be a new gov't on Thursday, I'd head over to the premiers house, with a yellow hard hat and some industrial cable cutters and shut HIS power off.

"Sorry, just doing repairs!", then I'd run off, laughing a maniacal laugh.

My mind has to be at play somewhere. Why not the premiers home?

Injured2003-10-20 11:12:08 ET

I hate injuring myself on a Monday. It's a really bad way to start the week.
Here we go:
-splinter in right middle finger at 9:30am
-x-acto knife slice across left index finger at 2:00pm
-front-loading washer dropped on left foot at 2:45pm
I have 45 minutes to go. Can I do it withought having a fridge land on me?

We'll see...

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