An emotional bond can do.    2007-01-29 20:24:15 ET
So I haven't posted in like.. a year. Or something.

Haven't had much to say, I guess. If God can go silent for 400 years between the book of Daniel and Matthew, why can't I?

But I was watching a movie today (World Trade Center) and made a mental observation, partly from life in general and partly from the movie itself..

How when the average sort is looking for a significant other.. to some degree or other they're looking for someone attractive. At first glance simple "flaws" if you will, disqualify potential persons.

Say if their hair is parted funny that day, or they wear their shirts too big or their smile is crooked. Whatever. BUT... when that person is eventually found, and they court, marry, form an emotional bond, etc..
And that significant other comes into some tragedy like they're crushed under a building or something, and after being trapped for days and coming out covered in ash, with burn scabs on their face and chapped lips and their eyes are glazed, none of these external things keeps the other from bestowing sincere physical affection on that person, whom they would have initially rejected for simply having a bad hair day.

Amazing what an emotional bond can do.
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 B00ts.    2006-09-01 19:06:44 ET
It was so lovely to finally enjoy a Friday night.
I've been working for many of them, so the night off was a welcome reprieve. There was much hanging out and enjoying the good company of good people. And spending a little cash.. which is always nice albeit guilt-inducing to some degree or another.

Excited I have Monday off as well. Whee! Labor Day church picnic, here I come.
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     2006-06-10 18:48:15 ET
It seems no matter how old I get, I find myself in the company of those who are discontent.

It's never enough.

     2006-05-04 22:11:56 ET

I made coco-crispie treats.. and dyed my hair brown.. and thats about the extent of my feminine homemaker skills for this week.

I've been pondering on my subcultural past. Back in the day no one in my immediate circle of friends erred much outside the realm of casual athletic. But I, at the time in rank social outcastedness, bedecked myself in the plaidest of plaids, the bootiest of boots and the ugliest of ugly resold sweaters. I listened to music comparitively more hardc0re... perused the library and local-concert line for new material...browsed the apocalyptic war-related artstuffs to use as muses.

Where'd it get me? Nowhere.

     2006-04-27 05:25:00 ET
I never know what to say. So I just keep typing whatever comes to mind and come across sounding slightly like a lunatic. Maybe a caged one.

So ah.. man. What ARE my plans for this summer? There are mission trips.. comicons.. all manner of travel.. and I'm not going on any of them. I'm hoping to shoot videos but I hope to shoot videos every summer and its always a wash.

On that note, I really need to clean out the computer at the church.. editing and burning are not going well when its crammed fulla stuff that should be on DvD.

And on that note, I need to eat and medicate.

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