2006-04-13 20:31:50 ET
So... um. Yes. I think.

I thought I dropped a cappuccino jellybean.. but I didn't! Hooray. It was hiding in the cuff of my shirt, and has thus been consumed.

Light keeps flashing.. hark! A lightening storm. Maybe I'll go to bed and watch it from my window. Shiny.

Why do I feel like I sound like a mental patient?

     2005-12-19 15:04:17 ET
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 Blerk    2005-10-09 20:04:06 ET
I for the life of me cannot remember what I was going to post.. It was like, "Okay, todays topic is- .......ooh... look, something shiny."

Oh wait.. I know.. I was thinking how badly I'd like to get out to LA since I missed my chance when I was in San Diego. I'd especially like to be there sometime during the showy season here. Because I'm sick of winter driving.. I'd love to just take a couple weeks out in CA again.. go to Bunker, visit people up and down the state, sit on the beach and draw. Learn to surf.

Wah. I'm going to go wake up now.

 Hort.    2005-10-08 13:15:53 ET
Well.. I moved out of my parents house last week. So far so good. We decided not to get internet there, so my postings will be even fewer and further between than they are now.


 "I see" said the blind man.    2005-09-25 17:36:57 ET
Alright, I guess I can add a journal entry now that I've been on here for a week or two.

Uh.. Well. Hmm. Dadgum.. What have I been up to?

I'm wearing a fancy fake butterfly in my hair.. got a lot of compliments on that. Exciting. Maybe I should take photos.

I shot and edited a video last night for church. It's an espionage type thing to music, and I just did a few quick shots... with my PARENTS. Because they were there, and they rock. I got this cool shot of me in black and a knit cap, wearing big honking headphones and crouched against a wall acting as if I'm listening to whats going on, on the other side.. using some sort of device. The trick is, its a wall/entryway between the kitchen and the living room, so I tried to make it look like a camera-passing-through-the-wall shot, with my mom on the other side pulling a conspicious CD from a black briefcase. I also took some driving shots myself in my parents new Chevy HHR.. its PT Cruiser-esque and dark gray so it was passable as a fancy spy mobile. And I discovered Adobe Premiers excellent color filter manipulating tooly doo-hicky, so I made some of the scenes a washed out canary yellow, and others a matrix green, and so on. And whats more, I was only up until 1am editing! It's a record.

In other news, I'm moving out of my house October 1st. Exciting. The house I'm moving into with friends is very close to town - hooha. Take THAT, exhorbant gas prices!

I'm sure there's more, but frankly.. I don't care.

So.. there. :^)

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