Skinny Puppy    2004-06-09 10:31:24 ET
This was published today. It pretty well sums up my feelings on the new album, I wish I could express those feeling as eloquently as my grouch.

 Radio Admin Stuff    2004-06-07 15:27:03 ET
Did alot of it today. RULZ!

     2004-06-07 00:43:15 ET
Ever had one of those moments when you are totally confused as to what you did with something? I'm having one of those right now. There is no way I could have lost this particular item between the front porch and my room. I checked my pockets and have retraced my steps to places I've been between the time I was out on the porch this evening and my room -including places I don't think I went just for good measure, just in case...



     2004-06-03 15:25:14 ET
Due to the sudden openness of my schedule, I am pushing back my porch sale one day. I should be open for business Saturday and Sunday instead, 12-6pm.

I need a day to recoup from today. I'm in a daze. No show tomorrow.

 WPM    2004-06-02 22:11:57 ET
Wow. I suck at typing. 22 WPM, 19 net speed, 9 errors. I need work. I think I've gotten better, but...


25 WPM, 22 net speed, 3 errors. 88% accurate.

Better. Still not impressive. Damn, I'm half-speed for even minimum typing requirements. I could have this job if I could make myself speed up:

I am little impaired right now, though...

Useful and free on-line test You need Java enabled.

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