Random Bigfoot sighting at DAS BUNKER...    2004-09-19 21:51:55 ET
...or is it just the grouch?

He sent me the link to a bunch of pics from Das Bunker in L.A. and claims to be in two of them. I think I saw 5arah's ass too.

Blah. I think I'm getting sick.

 Hi!    2004-09-02 00:43:36 ET

1st journal entry from an Apple in over a year. Still hate them. :-P

No home for another two months. So don't get offended if it seems I have forgotten you guys. That's not the case. My net access still sucks. But yeah, still alive, still here. And now, with an income, I can expect to at least rejoin the social world this Friday (kinda, I need to save my nickels and dimes so I can have a home again). Haha!

Next time I get to thinking about walking off the job I need someone to say "remember that time when you were living out of a garage and could barely eat?", and I'd say "oh, yeah...what a hoot!" . (feel the sarcasm, people)

Miss my Mr. Grim. Trying hard to keep a level head about him and my over-all situation. Trying to keep from murdering coworkers with horrible musical tastes. And just biding my time till I have my own space. Heavy doses of Cop Shoot Cop have been helping.


     2004-08-13 11:17:07 ET
On the net for a little while today.

My life is chaos and my man is gone possibly forever. Today is day two of my forced single life. I hate it.

I miss my Johnny Grim

:( :( :( :(

 Downtime    2004-07-30 07:49:40 ET
Packin' the computer. I'll not be on the net for the weekend. See you guys on the flip side.

BTW If anyone needs to get a hold of me, my phone still works until Sunday.

     2004-07-29 23:33:35 ET
Even though I had a total lack of response to my plight I'll post this anyway. (Yes, I sometimes can be a bitter bitch, but who can blame me with the amount of stress I'm going through.)

I have a temporary home for both me and my cat. I now also have a part-time job that starts next weekend after my move is over. I'm still alive, and might still survive -like a cockroach! Baaaaaaaaaa!

I need to score a wireless card.

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