2004-09-23 00:31:07 ET

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What Would Have Worn In The 80s?
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On Your Feet.. checkered vans
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Your Hair Styling Must Was.. Hair Spray With Glitter
Your Favorite Accesory Was.. Black Leggings
Your Favorite Outfit Was.. The Miami Vice Look
Your Favorite Year Was.. 1989
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none of you love me anymore.2004-09-21 21:43:27 ET

no one loves me.

im goin to od on g.

and dream of my and ryan being best friends and holding each other.

oh and im in like with a fucking godamm 16 yr old.

itsbeentolong.iforgothowthepainfeels.2004-09-19 14:36:39 ET

so im not even gont o talk about last night.

no point. but yeh can i ever stop crying?

iahetthisfuckingpaininmyjheartandiwillcrushitsomedaysoonforever.2004-09-18 14:44:41 ET

i hope everyone has fun at my party tonight.

cuz im not even fucking going.


ohgodhowfuckinglame.dumbasslittlekids.2004-09-17 14:47:19 ET

haha so somehow all these fucking high schools kids all know abou my party. its been goin around the high schools for a week now.

hahahah as if any of them are even goint o be allowed in. i dont even kno any of them. they dont kno me. i just wanna kno how all these people find out about it.

but yeh simon said even his 14 yr old sister was like. your having a pirate party for someone?

haha i am soo stoked to yell h0llah n scream at all these little fuciking shithead dumb ass kids.

especially all the little fucking girls. yeh rtight like im goint o let any of them in. i have like a tinu handful of underagers and most of them have fake id's .

IM SO EXCITED #$#&*_$!z$+_|!!!!

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