13:36:32 ET

holy fuck i fucked up my ears biug time.

i found my old tapers and decided fuck this noise. im sick of not being pirced and put them in. errrr rather RAMMED them in. and i heard and felt them tearing.

fuck. just another reason why i took them out to begin with. i damaged the tissue and scarred them form the same thing. they never healed and always itched.

shud i take them out and have to deal witht hat fact that im a idiot. and never have my ears pierced /stretched again.

or keep streatching them and see what happens?

advice pls.

horrifyingly.pleasing.2004-09-26 13:33:01 ET

tot hose of you that kno salad fingers. reply with your comments.

and to those of you that dont knop salad finger here yah go.

fuckme.fuckme.fuckem.fuckem.fuckmeeeee.2004-09-24 22:43:32 ET

i really need a boifriend.

i am so godamm high and horny right now.

enuff of this self proclaimed celebacy.

im thru. i need it bad.

oh la la.2004-09-24 10:11:33 ET

i thinki met the kewlest guy. and hes in a wikked band.

no why didnt i actually meet him when he was here last week. now i wait until rendevous.

i am so goin to jail.2004-09-23 22:07:51 ET

im making my 16 yr old boifriend cds.

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