holyshitbatman.itsfunfunfunfinthesdunsunsuns.2004-09-16 10:26:32 ET


i am beyond excited, its 2 days from my party. i hjave made the invitaions.

theres even a treasure map on the back to the location of the party!!

i have invited far too many people. i am geeting a bouncer even. and i need to find more ppl to pitch on for the keg!!!

so many things soo many things. im gointo go to moms office today to print out jolly roger logos to fabric paint on tee shirt tonight after work.

kindadrunk.andmakingflyersforweekendfestivites.2004-09-13 21:59:50 ET

if anyone is up and around add me to aim and message me.

i wanna talk to some new ppl.

mmm beer and dnb.

oOlala. i might flail yes i will.2004-09-12 15:05:40 ET

just cleaned my car. nopw im goint o shower then cut some of my hair off. then i might go flail tonight.

woooot. i havent flaile din a looooooong time tho.

be careful!

p.s whiteney murdered a soundbwoy!

p.p.s HOLY FUCK CLICK THIS ----> http://www.predicta.com/

lastnightsevents.2004-09-10 16:28:37 ET

wow where do i even start.

ok first off i went to 2$ beer night. and i was kind of bum,med prior to goin out my mother told me i would no longer be able to have my pirate kegger birthday festivites at my house.

so i went to the bar and i thought hmmm meybee i can host this event somehwre else. so i was talking to my friend simon. and i was like yeh im kinda sad i was "supposed" to have my pirate keg birthday party at my house. then he said. "you were suppose to have it at your house, but now its at my house" ans i smiled so huge and kissed him. then he said k we have to get a keg you can invite anyone you want.

i was sooo fucking happy. then i started inviting ppl. and said that you must AT THE LEAST have a eye patch and blackened tooth.

i have to now come up with money for a keg and go get supplies and what not. im goin to also charge 2 $ at the door. to cover the keg, but since we are all hardcore beer drinkers i am teling ppl to bring their own beer. and i have to make my phone number an info line and what not. i have alot of planning to do this week.

then anyways after that i saw my cousin (thru marriage) and his friend. and they invited me and my best frined to their house afterbar to chill out and shit. so his friend asks me friend to go with my cousin and hops in my car. so we start driving to his house and he starts talking about how he wants to get me in the hot tub and shit. and i immediatly knew what was on his hidden agenda. and i just laughed and told him im not the tiny budweiser bikini wearing hot tub girl hes looking for. so we get to my cousins house and all is good then they smack down some rail. we do. then i get the worm and go puke. right on. fuck and he follows me in the bathroom and hold my hair back. and is like all rubbing all over my back and shit. so i was kinda like yeh this is realy fucking sexy. you wanna make out or what. FUCK. anyways we leave the bathroom and hes all like wanna come lay down with me. im likew no thanx im fine . then hes like well want more rail? then i do some more. and we go sit on the couch. oh and did i forget to mention that my best friend is downstairs doing i dont kno with my cousin. so i avoid contact by saying "i wanna go see what C is doing" then he trys to kiss me and im like no thanx. and i dunno same thing just kept happeneing then hes like " you just dont lke me do you". and im like no its not that dood. chill out . i dont een kno you and im not goin to fuck some random person. then hes like" dont rails make you horny" i could not help but laugh in his face. at this point i was getting kinda pissed off and just wanting to leave. but i also wanted more shit and to see if CF was ok. so then hes like do you not like men. i was appaled byt hen and a bit insulteds. i mean what is it with guys now day. what is so hard to understand about a girl who has self respect for herself and has no desire to fucking get nekkid in a hot tub and fuck some guy she just met. are there no more girls like me out there or what. so i was thinking about this and betting that my best friend was fucking my cousin downstairs. so i decide to go check and sure nuff shes in the bathroom wiht him. then im tell her i wanna go and that i dont want her to leave me alone with said person cuz he keeps trying to fuck me and its getting a lil annoying. anyways to make a long story even shorter i decideiwant to leave my friend tells me to wait she goes to talk to the guy who keeps trying to fuck me. and then my cousins like what are they doing im like i dunno. then they go in the bathroom to do rail and dont come out. so im guessing they fucked. since he cant have me he goes for her. hahaha. how pathetic i tell her im leaving and she like no wait. i tell her no and i leave.

what a toally fucked up night. i am sick of her hooking up with all these guys. i mean she s a very sexual person. but enough is enough.

that is all.

someonetellmeitsnottrue.2004-09-09 16:48:58 ET

is it true?

are the exploding hearts dead?

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